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wardrobe detox

Tired of trying to love a wardrobe that is simply giving you nothing back?  Bored of buying the same things and never wearing them? Changed size, circumstances, age and lost your way with your current clothes?  Sounds like you’re in need of a Wardrobe detox.

This is a one on one service in the comfort of your own home where we will tackle the mystery that is your wardrobe.

Your closet will be:

  • De-cluttered and cleansed.

  • We’ll decide on what needs to go and never be seen again.

  • What can be lovingly recycled or fabulously reworked.

  • If there are gaps in your wardrobe we’ll fill them with little gems.

We’ll sort out what suits your

  • size

  • shape

  • age

  • lifestyle

The beauty of the Wardrobe detox is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on an entirely new set of clothes. By showing you new tricks with what you already have and offering advice on future purchases you’ll discover a whole host of amazing outfits in a wardrobe that you didn’t know you owned.

Walk me through my wardrobe                              £195 (4 hours)

Cream and White Clothes



39. Lawyer.
I’m feeling not so much like a different person but more that I look like myself. I didn’t know exactly what I was aiming for when I asked for your help with a Wardrobe Detox. I couldn’t express it clearly, I had just become increasingly uncomfortable not only in my clothes but also in my own skin at work. For the last 7 years or so I put on armour to go to work. Underneath the armour I was a Mum utterly out of place in the world of junior corporate lawyers that I’d joined. I’ve come to a point where I want to do this job as myself and on my own terms. The fact that you have helped me start addressing that just with the clothes I already had is completely extraordinary.
Clothes as therapy. I’ve tried CBT. It was shit in comparison!



38. Doctor.
I am absolutely loving my slimmed down wardrobe after our Wardrobe detox last week – thank you very much. It was long overdue and to be honest I was rather dreading it, but your enthusiasm and easy sense of style, turned it into a very enjoyable day! My wardrobe looks AMAZING – I can actually find things now and have rediscovered old items which I had long forgotten about. I promise I won’t leave it so long next time!



36. Finance.
I had been thinking about getting someone to help me “declutter” my oversized wardrobe for some time, I am so pleased that I found Andrea and Red Shoes No Knickers.

From the moment Andrea entered my home she put me at ease and made me realise that this was going to be a fun process, rather than the daunting one I had envisaged! Her ideas and suggestions have made a huge help to how I wear and choose my clothes. The process has made me realise that I don’t need to keep adding to my wardrobe but can experiment with some of the great pieces I already have! The time with Andrea has left me with a super organised slimmed down wardrobe, that I love looking at and some great ideas to help me in the future.

Thank you Andrea for making my life feel a bit easier and lighter!!



26. Nanny.

I honestly feel like a detox from Red Shoes No Knickers has changed my life. I now go to my wardrobe feeling excited about what I have compared to the dread that I used to feel. Andrea has such an intuitive sense of style. She will put outfits together from pieces you once disregarded or had forgotten about and they suit you perfectly. It’s amazing!

Her wit and warmth make you instantly feel comfortable. Her goal is to make you feel gorgeous and confident in all that you wear and I have to say, she succeeded in every possible way. Having a Wardrobe detox was the best thing I’ve done all year and I cannot recommend her highly enough.



30. Director, Business Operations & Project Management.

Let me just say ‘THANK YOU’ again to Red Shoes, No Knickers for helping me through my Wardrobe Detox. Finding someone to help me work through my closet and put together outfits is an idea I’ve been toying with for a while and I’m so happy that I found Red Shoes, No Knickers to take me through it. I’ve just turned 30 and wanted to have someone help me up my style to be a bit more sophisticated. I knew I had some amazing pieces already in my wardrobe, but I couldn’t seem to make them fit together in a way that I felt good about.

Enter Andrea: she made me feel so comfortable and helped me see how the clothes I already had could work together in ways I never thought of. Understanding the pairing of opposites has allowed me to think past the normal ways I was used to putting my outfits together and already (after just two days!) I’ve received compliments on what I’ve been wearing from multiple people.

Andrea has helped me remember why I love clothes – clothing is one of the only ways we can express ourselves without saying anything at all! Looking great translates into feeling great! I feel confident and chic and I’m back to loving my wardrobe.



34. Head of Non-scripted Television, WME.

I’ve returned from my work trip to Cannes and am just about in one piece. What was totally brilliant was travelling with only a little hand luggage suitcase, not remotely rammed full but with two outfits for every day that worked perfectly when I was there.

I confess I bought a pair of black J Brand Maria’s the day after I saw you and I’ve been living in them ever since (you don’t need to persuade me to spank cash on internet shopping) I’ve also got some Gap stretchy high~waisted jeans coming too to supplement my collection + a J Crew pencil skirt. A pair of masculine slip~ons and some non black ankle boots, + some tapered trousers and LBD are top of my wish list.

I already feel a lot more confident at putting outfits together and feel I’m going to waste a lot less money on clothes I never wear.

All in all I’ve been telling everyone who will listen about how confidence boosting and cathartic my Wardrobe Detox was and how much less stressful it was doing it with a pro, such as yourself, rather than a friend. You have a real gift for both styling and making people feel good ~ I do hope I get to see you again soon in a social (wine drinking) environment.



36. Full time mother/part time student. {see here}

Andrea – went shopping yesterday and took every bit of your advice. Love love love the high~waisted jeggings (denim, black, grey), cashmere top (so warm!), and structured cardis you recommended (stripy, navy and black). Also bought THE red shoes which are quite something but I’m going for it, as shoes are definitely an issue. Thank you so much for your help and advice, I feel like I know what I am looking for now when shopping and getting dressed is so much easier without all those old clothes getting in the way. I have more of a uniform so don’t have to try to create something totally different every day. I just need to work on casual footwear which doesn’t make me look like Mrs Golf-club-legs so will try the trainers you suggest. You couldn’t have been more helpful and really appreciate the ongoing aftercare too. Thanks again!



39. Book Editor.

I’d always thought I was pretty good at making my wardrobe work for me and getting rid of old tat. I’d gradually become aware, though, that there were some things that had definitely been hanging around past their sell-by, and conversely that I had some pieces I loved that I never wore because I didn’t really know how to style them. Also, choosing an outfit in the morning with a toddler ‘helping’ is not conducive to making a speedy yet wise selection, so I needed to impose some order.

It was a real relief finally to consign to the chazzer bag my tired old cardies and things I was holding onto ‘just in case’ because they might be ‘useful’ (when is hideous ever useful?), and to watch Andrea rip off all those horrid dry-cleaning bags that, for unknown reasons, I’d been hiding some lovely things in.

The Wardrobe Detox was so much fun, and has given me the confidence to try some things I wouldn’t have thought of or that I wasn’t sure about before. On the brink of 40 there’s always the fear of looking a bit mutton, but Andrea kept me wisely on the grown-up side of ‘edgy’. She also made sure I could actually see everything I had, so I now feel as though I’ve been on a major shopping spree despite getting rid of a couple of bin bags’ worth of clothes and shoes.

She provided a great aftercare document too, with a reminder of a few wardrobe gap-fillers that I needed to buy, and some excellent eBay tips for a novice. My conclusion: everyone needs to have Andrea in their life!



45. Full-time Working Mum.

My sister treated me to the Wardrobe Detox for my birthday and what a fabulous present it was. I had been stuck in a rut wearing the same clothes for years and was in desperate need of a make over. What a great day I had, Andrea was lovely and put me at my ease immediately. I found it very empowering and ended up with a capsule wardrobe and six black bags for the charity shop.

Andrea gave me some great advice and tips on what suited me and how to wear my remaining clothes, thank you for being so patient and helpful. My confidence has increased and I feel like a new woman. I highly recommend it and am enjoying wearing my revitalised wardrobe.



27. Singer.

‘I am a singer/songwriter and I perform regularly in and around London. The pressure to find outfits to make me stand out from the crowd can be hard. I felt like I had lost my way and had no real identity when it came to my clothes and style. I got in touch with Andrea and booked in for a Sweet Treat and boy was it just that! I was incredibly nervous if I am honest as I am pretty ashamed of my wardrobe and thought for sure she was going to tell me I needed to buy a whole new set of clothes! When I opened the door Andrea was instantly warm and friendly and made me feel totally at ease. She managed to pull together 7 striking outfits from my dismal wardrobe that I felt amazing in! She catered specifically to my needs, my body shape and my personality. She asked me lots of questions about myself during my Sweet Treat and really spent the time getting to know me as a person because lets face it, what we wear very much reflects who we are. Andrea not only put together stunning unique outfits for various occasions but she talked me through every decision and thought process along the way, giving me tips and techniques on how to put together my own look in the future. As a result my ‘getting ready’ time has now cut down drastically and I feel able to pick out clothes confidently. Don’t get me wrong I am still learning and think that I will go for another Sweet treat very soon…. I highly recommend you do the same!’



40. Working Mum

‘I booked the Wardrobe detox conscious that I had a closet crammed full of clothes from a number of decades but always had “nothing to wear”.

After a few hours of sorting and revamping I waved a cheery goodbye to bags of stuff whilst gaining several “new outfits”. It was a real education in what suits me best, how to mix and match and perfect holiday packing.

Andrea’s been an inspiration – I really appreciated her positive approach and thoughtful follow up advice. I have saved hours of wasted shopping time and money and am back to loving my wardrobe.’



30. Teacher/Academic. 

Wardrobe Detox {see here}

‘Thank you Andrea for giving me back my fashion mojo! The combination of a house move, an awkwardly designed wardrobe and some challenging ‘life events’ had left me wearing about 10% of my messy wardrobe. You came along, got it all out, helped me to see what needed to go to charity (2 massive black bags full) what I could sell on eBay (my new obsession), what could be updated and most importantly what went with what. I honestly have not been shopping since as I feel like I have a brand new wardrobe at my disposal. I have had loads of compliments about ‘new’ shoes, ‘new’ outfits etc, all of which I have had for years but had either forgotten about or just didn’t know how to wear (hello, yellow jeans!). It was such a fun, cathartic afternoon and will definitely be calling on Red Shoes, No Knickers in the future for more fashion-fabulous advice.’

Back to the real world

‘I first had a Wardrobe Detox with Andrea last year and we had an absolute ball, going through my bulging, disorganised wardrobe and transforming it into something rather more fabulous. So it was natural that ten weeks after the birth of my first child, feeling fat and frumpy, it was Andrea that I turned to again for a Back to the real world session. While the prospect of stripping off and trying on all my clothes was less than appealing, once again she managed to make it fun. It is certainly a difficult time when you are betwixt maternity clothes and your old wardrobe but Andrea did an amazing job of mixing up my outfits and helping me to find shapes and styles, for both day and night, that flattered my figure from the clothes I already owned. In came the V- necks, dresses, flattering cardis and blazers and out went the huge jumpers and anything with a square or round neck (not flattering for size G breasts!!). Finally, she also challenged me to stray away from the ‘oh so safe’ jeans, t-shirt and Converse uniform that so many of us mums live in. On the days when I do this, it brings a smile to my face that I am standing out from the crowd and giving my outfits a little twist. Thank you, thank you and see you again soon I am sure!’



40. Planning Director, Ad Agency.

’12 months post pregnancy, I felt like I was in a strangers body.  I was also the owner of a wardrobe full of clothes I resented from my ‘old’ body and shapeless entities from my ‘new’ one.  Being a short yet curvy size 12 I had fallen into a pattern of boring tops and boot cut jeans.  Going back to work in ad agency land, I needed a wardrobe that played and worked hard.

Andrea arrived for a Wardrobe detox, colourful notebook waving and took me and my closet in hand.  Over the course of a fun and playful few hours we rediscovered fabulous pieces I’d forgotten about.  She persuaded me that I really could tuck tops into skirts with my new curves, steered me away from ¾ bell sleeves forever and poured me into a figure hugging crochet dress for an imminent wedding.  Yes, we bagged and binned A LOT of stuff but what we kept has been worn much more frequently.

The days, weeks and months that followed had me feeling stylish and shiny new.  I used lush unfamiliar combinations and tricks that she suggested time and time again. Lessons in accessorising, folding and storing will never be forgotten.  The detox more than paid for itself in unbought mistakes.

Since then I have also gifted myself a Sweet Treat session for a holiday that saw me pack less but look more ‘me’.  Thank you, thank you from the heart of my bottomless wardrobe!’



33. Diplomat, British Embassy

‘Thank you for the most wonderful Wardrobe Detox.  It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t easy but it was worth it.  Without you I would never have had the courage to admit that those jeans I love looked terrible.  Or that the super-cool (very expensive) top was actually a sack on me. I wouldn’t have guessed that the dress, which was never quite right enough to wear, actually rocked as a skirt.  And what can I say about belts…  Thank you for introducing us – we are new best friends!’



27. Executive PA

‘Working in the film industry, I often attend various events from afternoon screenings to rubbing shoulders with celebrities in the evening and usually these events are on the same day. On a regular basis I open my wardrobe and am utterly dismayed at the dull choices staring back at me which is when I need to get Andrea involved. I am always so surprised at the array of outfits she manages to find in my wardrobe and without having to buy anything new she will be able to create me an outfit which works for both day and night.

I have used both the Wardrobe detox service which I would highly recommend and Andrea’s Sweet treat – outfit for occasion service. Both now I simply couldn’t live without.’



30. Co-ordinator, BBC

‘I had a Sweet treat holiday wardrobe session for a two week trip to Morocco.
I was nervous about how to dress for the heat and culture as well as feeling quite self conscious about my body after the xmas splurge!
I found it really inspiring and we had loads of fun together.
Andrea found clothes in the back of my wardrobe that I had long forgotten about…
She re-interpreted them by pairing items and accessories together that I wouldn’t have dared to mix but that made me look great.
She re-invented my style mixing my practical needs with catwalk tips leaving me feel like I had walked into my very own episode of Sex and the City!
I felt sexy, confident and like I had fallen back in love with my favourite items in my wardrobe.
I had so many compliments on the trip and I wouldn’t travel anywhere without a Sweet treat holiday consultation first’


31. Marketing Manager. {see here}

Ever looked for that favourite top and had to pull every single last item of your wardrobe out to find it? Well, that was pretty much me, every…single…day.
I was a hoarder, disorganised and generally just making excuses not to sort through my things! Now I say ‘was’ because I enlisted the help of Red Shoes No Knickers. It was probably the most sensible thing I’ve ever done. My wardrobe finally looks like a grown up owns it. I can actually find things and have finally got rid of those pieces that ‘might fit’ even though they look like something out of a spice girls video (Ok, I admit it, I might have made some bad fashion choices in the past) and this was all with the help of the lovely Andrea.

I found the experience cathartic; she really helped me sort – not just the clothes – but old memories in the process. It helped me let go of parts of my past that I was clinging too and has helped give me a fresh outlook on more than the clothes I wear. She worked through each item individually asking me what I wear it for, when I wore it last and why I wore it. We looked at what suited my body shape, discussed the right colours for me and the best way to wear certain pieces. It’s helped me create a wardrobe that works for any occasion.

We also looked at how we could re-work certain pieces, to give them a new lease of life. She had me in stitches through out as well, haven’t laughed that hard for some time. It was a thoroughly worthwhile process.

I would highly recommend asking Andrea to come and root through your drawers 

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