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April 2012



D.I.M.D.I: High waisted shorts

This is the round and full face of yours truly circa 1997 in New York City.

Although it doesn’t look like it, it was actually taken at the end of the best summer of my life.  There was a boy involved, fresh air, swimming, drama, comedy, travel, NYC ~ Great times.

The photo is here not to scare you into never having bleached hair or blue nails but to, of course, discuss the attire.*  At the time I was wearing one of three pairs of jeans that I owned.  A black low rise boot cut pair that I bought that summer, a baggy boyfriend pair {chopped into shorts and took to Zimbabwe 2012} and these ~ High waisted, straight leg blue jeans that I had had since I was 14.

Back in 1992 high waisted was not high waisted but was simply normal.  Low rise, ass crackers, as I like to call them, hadn’t been invented and we were were safe in the knowledge that our knickers and backsides were covered even if we did bend over to put a pair of Buffalo trainers on.

I loved this pair of jeans and always kept them to see if I could fit back  into them after weight yo yo’s, just like my Mum’s ‘pregnancy jeans’.  A pair of jeans she kept and after each baby {of which she squeezed out three} would try on to see if she had returned to her former size. {FYI I could fit a forearm into them in my teens!}

Anyway, come 2004 my ‘ass size testing’ jeans weren’t being worn and I wanted them to worn! I CAN’T STAND WASTE!!

Feb 2005 ~ Took the jeans in so they were tapered, patched up the knees and dyed them dark blue.  BINGO! High waisted jeans before their comeback after their demise after their introduction.  Always one step ahead my Shoelets.

Aug 2010 ~ Nearly didn’t make it to the theatre one night as was stuck in the jeans ~ 1992 they were purchased my friends, no elastic in sight.

What to do?….MMMMMMmmmmm.  The top of these jeans is AWESOME and I do hate to give up on an item with so much history…

March 2012 ~ D.I.M.D.I time {mark 2 for this pair}

Firstly I cut them into shorts and unpicked them to let them out….

….Bleach bath to take the colour out of them….

…with the ‘legs’ that I’d cut off I pinned and then sewed the extra material into the unpicked seams to give me extra ass space…

…I cut the beauties even shorter for maximum tannage on the pins and found myself with a pair of high waisted jean shorts!

Happy, comfy, stylish, African days…Did it myself didn’t I?

Ohhhh…And…and I changed two tyres on a jeep in these shorts ~ Ass covered the whole time.

{reworked hat, ray ban sunnies, american apparel t-shirt, reworked shorts}

*recognise the shirt too?  Check here….15 years after it was gifted it’s still being loved….

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April 2012



Travel chic: Bestie From Africa

Having met the fabulous Ms. Kass here I thought I’d introduce you to another little gypsett jetsetter, Bestie From Africa.  I shall be with this gal very soon and will be living it up in L’afrique {c’est chic!} and thought I’d share with you her travelling tips from Zimbabwe to Mexico, from Austria to Burma.  This girl has travelled the world for work and play and is a mean packer.

What’s your feel good staple?

Probably a couple of beach dresses (at least 2 to co-ordinate with various bikinis) so I can spend the day in my bikini without feeling totally naked.

Any tips for light travelling?

Pack what you think you need and then remove at least 3 items. You’ll never miss them.

Who makes the best luggage?

Samsonite. Not cheap, but worth it.

How do you tackle airport security in style?

Put all your liquids in your hand luggage in a clear bag at home so you don’t have to suffer the indignity of rummaging in your bag with one hand while trying not to drop everything else. Also try to go easy on the jewellery, belts etc so you don’t have to spend 15 mins stripping in front of everyone. And, if you have to wear boots, make sure your socks are hot cos you know they’ll make you take your boots off.

What are your inflight essentials?

Earplugs, eyemask, herbal sleeping tablets and a good book.

Whose swimwear makes a splash?

Not sure.  Mine is cheap and falling apart. I guess I should say, if you buy cheap swimwear one year, remember you’ll have to buy more the next year – if you forget your bottoms will be round your ankles the first time you dive in the next year. Never a good look!

What is your holiday must have?

Ummmm, a good book? does that make me very sad?! otherwise I could say a wax the day before you leave.

What is your summer beauty secret?

You know that one, it’s yours too – moisturise. Religiously.

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