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October 2012



Joanna Fowles

Scarves going off to new homes.

When Joanna Fowles turned up as a part time sales assistant with me in Orla Kiely I knew we were going to get on.  As two of the ‘more mature’ {read way older} members of staff we would often talk about the future, what we both hoped for and a need to ‘get on with things’. As a fellow creative, who was back at University in her mid 30’s, she needed to pay her rent {hence working at Orla Kiely} but knew that what she really wanted to do would take time and a lot of effort.

Well…time, effort, an uprouting to Sydney, a new relationship and a fabulously creative mind has helped her become a print designer and she has produced her first shop:

Joanna Fowles Textiles. 

As a print designer her work is primarily {a} process driven with a focus on hand elements and mixed media within digital textile design. She experiments with large-scale mark making, wood, paint, dye, shibori, photography and screen-printing techniques to produce abstract geometric digital craft designs.

Soon to be on the website  (Taken with Instagram)

Starting with hand printed scarves that will firstly make killerly {yes, I’ve made up a word especially for it} cool accessories but secondly great Christmas presents {too soon?}, I’m sure they’ll more exciting pieces on the horizon.

Beautifully printed, beautifully packaged and beautifully presented do check out her gorgeous new shop  here.

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