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May 2012



Schwop shop

One of the biggest surprises  for people, when I come round to do a Wardrobe Detox with them, is just how much they actually throw away.  It’s normally tough at first to let things go but once they’ve got into the mind-set of ‘out with their tired, old clothes’ they throw themselves in head first and the amount of full binbags starts piling up.  Getting rid of pieces that you don’t wear anymore because they’re too small/too big/never fit in the first place/’but I liked the print!’ is an essential part of detoxing.  It’s about clearing your space and being able to really see what you have left and what you can work with.

I’ve written before about what you can do with those discarded old garments:

~ Ebay ~

~ Rework ~

~ Swish and Pout events ~

And now there’s something else in the mix ~ Schwopping.

As soon as I saw the old fox Lumley advertising for this Marks and Spencer project on tele I was in there like swimwear.  It’s not anything new and inovative  it’s simply another way of saying waste not want not and, as I’m sure we all know, someone always wants!

What I think is slightly different about this one is that every single garment is used ~ If you’ve got a holey jumper or a stained dress it’s hard for a charity shop to sell.  I’m not sure what happens to those grotty pieces of crusty knitwear the charity shop are given but heading off to an already overflowing landfill is an all too common occurance. Marks and Spencer are saying that even if this is the case they’re using every fibre available to rework it into something else.  NOTHING IS GOING TO WASTE and more importantly NOTHING IS GOING TO LANDFILL.

All clothes shwopped at M&S are given to Oxfam. Oxfam then:

 Resells clothes – in shops, online, at festivals or through overseas enterprises, like Frip Ethique in Senegal.

Reuses clothes – garments that can’t be worn again are sold to designers who restyle them for use in new collections.

Recycles clothes – even if they don’t make the grade, old clothes are never sent to landfill. Instead, they’re sold in bulk to reprocessing companies where they could be reborn as mattress filling, carpet underlay or as a last resort, incinerated. Some of the garments will even be turned in to new fibres for use in new garments.

Not a stitch is wasted – every penny raised helps fight poverty around the world.

I think that’s definitely worth a trip to M&S isn’t it?  Getting Schwopping and let’s do our bit to look more fabulous every day!

For more information about this great new project head on over here for a read.

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March 2012



Tree tings

{hanging out with old friends}

With beautiful sunshine last week we all got a little prematurely excited {Oohhh ‘allo!} and thought that spring had arrived.  What with the miserable weather this week and the need for the heating on again I fear it will never arrive….DON’T LISTEN TO ME!! Of course it will and with it I am seeking change. 

I’m bored kids! 

I don’t mind admitting it.  I always get bored at the end of each season and need to progress out of my joomps and boots and make friends with my dresses and shorts again.  Like a pre-op on the table I am ready for that change.  I’m in the process of detoxing my own wardrobe {getting pieces ready for the Swish and Pout event, if you missed it see here} and am changing things round.  I’m throwing a spanner into the works off my wardrobe and hoping to feel inspired again soon.

Tree tings that have kept me going in this long wait for spring…

{my wall of bags that needs some tweaking. will be sorting out this weekend}

{looking forward to celebrating my sterling silver arm party again soon}

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March 2012



Swish and Pout

Having discovered Swish and Pout on Twitter I have been intrigued by them ever since and am now very excited to be able to tell you about an upcoming even that they’re hosting in South London.

The word recycling these days seems to have been usurped by the word upcycling but whatever we call it it’s a good thing!  Red shoes No knickers was essentially set up due to frustration with today’s buying habits.  Cheap and easy quantity over classic and worthwhile quality seemed to be taking over.  Not being able to see the wood for the trees eg. the gems that you all ready own in your wardrobe seemed to be taking over and a wee helping hand was needed.  

On this CRAZY {I know, it’s crazy, I know!} news page I have tried to info you about eco-friendly {stay with me!  I know it’s ‘hippie’ word} ways of discarding your unwanted wares:


~Chazzer Shazzers~


And now I have another one for you:  Swish and Pout’s exchange afternoon.

On Saturday 31st March @ the Balham Bowling club

This is how the Fashion Exchange works:
12pm – Bring 2-5 items of clothing, footwear or accessories for swappage & receive Fashion Exchange vouchers in return. Items will be graded into 3 categories (Vintage/Designer, High End High Street, Popular High Street) and therefore swaps will be ‘like for like’.

12 – 2pm – Browse the vintage pop up market, sip a frocktail, and treat yourself at our Beauty Parlour to Hair & Make Up, Nail Art by Chelsea Dagger & Styling.

2pm – The Fashion Exchange opens.

2 – 6pm – Swap til you drop, then enjoy Frocktails and the Vintage Market.

£5 on the door. Cash Only.
Hopefully you’ll end up leaving like this:

Head on over to their website here for more information and get rooting through those wardrobes of yours to see what needs to be swapped!  Fun times ahead my Shoelets….Go, fly like the wind and unearth some hidden vetements that others will learn to love as much as you once did…

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