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Summer Styling

Hey Guys!

Remember the Summer of 2018? Remember??!? It was…well it was 12 months ago. I remember it extremely well. There was so much sunshine my melasma stained face has only just returned to it’s regular colour of ‘Are you ok? You look ill’. I mourn the passing of ‘The Summer that was’ because whatever we’ve got masquerading as ‘a Summer’ in 2019 just doesn’t wash with me. ‘YOU SHALL NOT PASS’ I say! Obvs if you’re reading this in the US of A you’re perplexed. You lucky beasts get gifted a yearly Summer from the sensibly allocated time slot of May to September.

In Unit K, however, we rarely get the never ending heatwave that was Summer ’18. This year we very miserably have a piss poor showcasing of my favourite season and it means I’m struggling. I’m struggling because I’ve self diagnosed myself with SAD. But on a much more trivial level I’m struggling because I’ve got a wardrobe full of  bright, colourful clothing that simply doesn’t get worn. Let’s get down to the serious stuff here!

My beautiful & carefully selected garms hang in my closet looking back at me shouting ‘What the fuck?! PICK ME!!!! Do you not love me anymore?!’ 

The trouble is I do indeed still love these beauties but Summertime in the UK, and especially in a city, is not for a strapless dress I made out of material purchased in Zimbabwe. My Java print maxi dresses and Hawaiian MuuMuu’s look a little out of place on the Northern Line. And don’t even get me started on a flip flop at Leicester Square station. No. Sadly a crap city Summer needs a different type of styling and a whole rethink of one’s wardrobe.

The bright prints, the floaty skirts and the strappy sandals aren’t being discarded though. Don’t you worry. They’ll still be worn around the house and on that one really hot Wednesday we’ll get at the end of July. Also they’ll be accompanying far flung holidays where there is a lot more appreciation for them. But for now I’m looking to change things up a little and reinvent my seasonal style.

But where to begin I hear all the women reading this cry out?

Firstly divide your wardrobe up into sections. City Summer and Summer Summer. Summer Summer involves all our flimsy beauties. Anything brightly coloured, cut off tiny shorts, halter necks, sacklike crotch airing dresses and sandals that make a loud slapping sound ever step you take. City Summer, on the other hand, includes heavier materials and more muted prints. Longer skirts, sleeved dresses and a sturdier sandal. City summer is where I’m injecting some fresh ideas and I’m starting with linen.



Once a staple with the 50 plus woman who lives in the suburbs, the worlds oldest fabric has been reclaimed by the environmentally conscious. It’s breathable, stronger than cotton and most importantly more sustainable. 2019 sees me looking for midi skirts in double linen. Cool enough to float around in during the day but will keep my legs warm during those East London nights. Also a  vintage sweater plus a linen skirt looks #summerchicrealness




All hail the summer short! Whoop! Now I love a pair of shorts and love even more the fact that the shorts suit is back. Think smart, high waisted, crisp cotton/linen. Have them sit on or just above the knee. For evenings think silk boxers. Who cares if you’ve got to wear a long sleeve AND a jacket on top. You’re essentially wearing trousers….only shorter. Get it?

If like me you find it too hard to step away from prints and patterns then simply think smaller and less bright. Magenta and sunshine yellow hibiscus flowers scream Hawaii ~ Trailing petite roses in rust, olive and soft pink whisper English countryside. Choose a patterned dress with big sleeves as opposed to strappy thin ones. Pick something a little more fitted as opposed to loose and loungy. A classic print with more coverage of your body means you can seamlessly skip from a picnic in St James’ park to last orders in Soho.

How to house the trotter? A closed toe can feel restrictive when it’s 20 degrees outside but more often than not we’re wading our way through overcast, grey days. Thank God the open toed mule has made a return, right? A small enough heel to elevate our feet from the London streets and a suitable enough airing for our rarely seen pedicures. Leave the square toes in the noughties rather go for a classic shape. A mule can easily be worn with those linen skirts we’re dreaming of just as well as our newly purchased knee length shorts. Also, a loose, baggy jean and a heeled mule….Perfection.

Anyone else rethinking their Summer wardrobes? What’s on your revamp list?

Let’s discuss on Tooting common with a bottle of rose. I’ll bring the umbrellas….


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August 2013





July 2013



Hidden gems


{gifted & then reworked zimbabwean dress from bestie from africa, vintage pink dress from sydney, vintage birds of paradise dress from san francisco}

I’ve done my homework that I set myself yesterday and have been hunting and discovering and loving finding my summer specials. They’re out, they’re going to be worn and their accompaniment will be a big fat smile on my face.


{black and beige flip flops from gap, only hearts cotton vest top}


{gifted supre dress from ms. kass, orla kiely clutch}


{£1 hat from cyprus}


{dimdi dress}


{dimdi grey shorts, self designed playsuit, vintage leather visor, ancient cut off jeans, gifted accesorise sunhat}


{vintage top from nyc}

What have you been unearthing my Shoelets?

Any hidden gems that you’d forgotten about?

Tell all…

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July 2013



Seven day summer


This is it my Shoelets! This is summer. We’re in it right now and as far as my iphone weather app can see it is here for at LEAST the next 7 days so we have some work to do, ok?


Now, many of you ~ like my good self ~ have a bigger summer wardrobe than you do a winter wardrobe. It’s easy to do. Joomps and boots and coats are expensive whereas cotton printed slip dresses, vintage lace vests and a simple pair of leather flip flops can easily be bought in a lunchtime along with an Abokado sushi wrap and not a worry about our overdrafts. This means that we always have plenty of reserves due to less expensive clothing and a severe lack of opportunities to wear them.

Your opportunities are here. LET’S USE OUR STORES! This is the time to go head into your wardrobes, take out all of your summer pieces ~ even your ‘summer summer pieces’ that are normally reserved for holidays only ~ hang them, lay them, look at them and start making friends with them again.  As a nation we are constantly moaning about the weather so no doubt after this heatwave, that I simply like to call summer, has left our shores and headed over to France we will be moaning that we haven’t had a summer.

WELL THIS IS IT! Make the most of it and do me, the environment and your bank balance a favour and work it with what’s already in your wardrobe…Go forth my Shoelets and have fun with print, pattern, cool materials, fabulous shorts and lots of attitude….Get some skin on show {I’ve gone for legs, arms AND boobs in this outfit ~ little over excited} and slap that x factor 30 on. No one likes a Magda from ‘There’s something about Mary’


{mine shouder shrug, reworked karen millen vest{was originally a dress} orla kiely skirt, m&s sunnies, rae jones sandals}


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July 2013





June 2013



Sensible shoes


As I fill my Mother in on my plans for the next week ~ Berlin, Vienna, Paris ~ her parting words are

‘And I hope you’ve packed sensible shoes’

I desperately want to revert into a teenager telling her very loudly that 

‘I am quite capable of making my own shoe decisions, thank you very much, and should I choose to take ‘silly’ shoes to Europe then I will do just that! ‘

BUT…..I know she is right. Of course she is! These are the words that impart to all of my customers ~ Comfort is key ~ If I’m going to be hopping on and off trains with a wheelie case, traipsing round beautiful cities all day and expecting my feet to accompany me I need to house these plates of meat in the shoe equivalent of Lucozade. I found these flat, hardcore, rubber soled beauties in the sale at Topshop and am very excited about them being my travel companians across the continent.



I also bought these navy geek chic ‘school girl’ flatties but that’s another story for another day….


WEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…I’m off My Shoelets. Not for long mind. I shall return to the shores of this tiny island of bad weather and great humour next Wednesday. My packing was exceptional so will return with tales of fun tailored times in Europe.

Auf wiedersahn and Au Revoir…parting is such sweet sorrow. I’m off for a Schnitzel.

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June 2013





May 2013





May 2013



Summer plans


{kos last summer}

This time last year I made a list of  things that I wanted to achieve during the summer. I only managed four out of the ten. One is still ongoing {writing letters to everyone took longer than anticipated}, one was just plain ridiculous {what was I thinking wanting to make these. I’m not 17 & 8 stone!} and the last one ~ watch a film outside ~ was scuppered due to the preeettty bad weather we had.

Regardless of not being able to fulfill my dreams for those forth coming partially sun filled days I’m making a list again. YEAH!!! I love a list kids. These are my plans for Summer 2013:

1. Find a strapless bikini that suits my body

2. Try out a new and exciting salad once a week

3. Buy a cool pair of trainers that I can wear with trousers AND skirts.

4. Go swimming at least twice a week

5.Eat outside in the garden more often

6. Swim in the English sea {this was on my list last year but it has to be done, right?}

7. Find the perfect Mexican blouse

8. Start wearing hot pink lipstick {oh and find one first}

9. Be more adventurous with my hairstyles

10. Throw a themed BBQ in my back garden {I’m thinking Mexican. It’s gonna be a Mexican themed summer methinks}


{Olympic stadium. London 2012}

What are your plans for this summer my Shoelets?

Let me know and let’s make these next couple of months AWESBALLS!!!

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August 2012



Date night

A new dress, a killer heel and a date with the girls.

What more do we want out of the summer?

{a longer summer and a private pool nearby but that’s all}

{vintage dress from rokit, orla kiely belt, kimchi clutch, m&s heels}

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