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November 2013



Inspire me


{m&s cashmere joomp & heeled brogues, alexander mcqueen dress, tabio tights}

Last week I was very pleased with myself as I managed two consecutive days of outfit fabulousness SANS NOIR. That, for the non french speaking amongst us, translates into ~ without black. I’m not going to lie to you my Shoelets, it was tough. When it’s grey & wet & cold outside black & dark colours are so easy to hide beneath. They’re our comfort blanket, our cup of tea, our wine & cheese. Well, after reading a great article on dressing like a bowl of Lucky Charms this winter, over on The Man Repeller {see HERE}, I am putting it upon myself to attempt a predominantly Non Noir winter. To dispel the drabness, the bleakness & the pretty~much~draining~on~everyoneness that his dark materials can achieve & brighten our days with colour. Cold, crisp, ca~mazing colour. Watch this space….

Ps. There is a great counter arguement for JUSTE NOIR dressing here

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November 2013



Longer legs

It has been said that a nude shoe elongates the legs and makes them appear longer. It’s been said and it’s true. I 100% agree. Trouble is I’m not a fan of a nude shoe and think they’re incredibly boring. With all the fabulous and colorful footwear on offer out there why would I choose a shoe that blends into my skin? I’m not ruling it out forever but it’s just not for me now.

The leg lengthening aspect, however, is for me now and is something I’m very much in favour of. Double trouble is when it comes to  winter and the dreaded tight comes into action it’s hard. Especially if ~ like me ~ you have an abundance of  coloured tights. I used to be all about the coloured tights but in later years, and last year in particular, I tended to head for the more muted colours ~ Black, navy, grey. I felt there was always too much going on with my outfit when a coloured tight was involved and ultimately, when putting a shoe on, always ended up cutting off my legs and making me look dumpy.

My solution? Match your tights to your shoes. Easy. I’ve got enough shoes to be able to match my tights and that way I’m making the most of what I already own. Waste not want not my Shoelets….simply shopping my own wardrobe. Try it. Feels so 1 (2)

{from L to R ~ vintage brogues, tights. vintage patent heels, m&s tights. m&s heeled brouges, tights}

photo 2 (2)

{from L to R ~ vintage peeptoe heels, tights. anthropologie shoeboots}

photo 4

{from L to R ~ all tights from tabio. beau coup flat shoe boots. hobbs leopard print mary janes. belstaff heeled shoeboots}

photo 3

{from L to R ~ tabio tights, melissa plastic heels. falke tights, chie mihara heeled brogues. tabio tights, vintage heeled brogues}

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November 2013



Inspire me



I feel that my life changed slightly this week.

I watched the documentary The Crash Reel on Saturday night and then watched it on Sunday night and again on Monday day. SO moved and inspired and humbled by this film I had to write about it over HERE.

Ps. Don’t watch the trailer but DO watch the film…trust me. It’ll surprise the hell out of you.

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November 2013



Warm bodies


Ok. I’ll admit it. There is one thing that I like about winter…mmmm maybe two. The first is joomps.

A good joomp can go a long way. Remember here when I told you I’d found my comfy chic? Well a lot of that has to do with my top half. Having a lower body that is certainly not lacking in body fat but a top half that will often resemble a sparrow I always feel the cold and can’t stand a whipping wind  finding it’s way down my top and chilling my bones. I want a joomp that covers all bases and keeps me waarrrrrrm.

Having had a love affair with cashmere for a while now I would highly recommend it but I do hear what you’re saying my Shoelets. I do. I hear the same thing every time I head to a wardrobe detox. Yes, they can bobble and yes, caring for a delicate piece of knitwear is time consuming and frustrating. But….fear not I have advice.

Head on over HERE and take a peak at what I was harping on about many moons ago…Sage advice my friends. Sage advice.

Oh, and the second thing I like about Christmas is stollen….niiiiccceeeee….


{j crew joomp {last seen here}, club monaco trews, beau coup booties, vintage bag, m& s sunnies}  


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November 2013



Waiting and Winning


As I posted last week {see HERE} I bought myself some new boots.

Now, I’m not going to lie to you all. These cost an arm and a leg AND I was given a discount. Had I really lost my arm and leg these boots would be pointless because I would only have the opportunity to wear one of them and then ~ per wear ~ they would have turned out to be even more expensive. BUT I am a big believer in waiting. patiently. until. you. find. what you want. Black boots were not a necessity. I had a gifted pair from Tim {see HERE} and plenty of other fab boots to tide me over {see HERE & HERE} so I simply waited, researched, tried on, tried on some more….& then tried on even more and finally found these beauties from Officine Creative via Poste Mistress on Monmouth street.

A heel, an edge, good quality leather ~ I’m in love.

Expect to see A LOT of them this coming winter. If it HAS to be cold then we might as well look good while we’re shivering.


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November 2013



Inspire me


Recently I’ve tried to make my life more streamlined. I’ve tried to clear my room, my wardrobe, my inbox, my make~up bag of STUFF. I just seem to own a lot of STUFF. And clutters of STUFF leads to a cluttered mind and an unproductive lifestyle ~ for me anyway. I’ve been bagging for charity, binning, donating to friends and Ebaying anything I don’t need or use.

I came across my camera, my film camera that is, and just thought to myself ‘I don’t use it, I’m all about the dige these days, let’s EBay!’ I then checked on EBay to see what the same models were fetching and the resulting search lead to nada ~ A whole lotta old school film camera’s where you can hear the film wind on and not a lot of money going towards them. I decided against paying to list an item and receiving nothing in returning and went for a vow to start using her again. The last time I did take her out was to Australia in 2010. Like we all used to do I came home, handed in my film to be developed and waited. I went old school….We don’t go back there enough.

The always inspirational Jamie Beck posted a series of black and white photos yesterday that had been double exposed but turned out to be a beautiful mistake. It reminded me of receiving my film back on returning from Australia. The pictures were so different to digital. Sharper, clearer, more natural. Of course there’s always a couple of duds but it makes you think more carefully about taking the photo in the first place. Only 36 pictures allowed remember….

I’m on a mission to use my film camera again. Now….mmmmm…..where to get a film….

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November 2013



The crew is coming


As is well documented HERE, I have a deep seated, but relatively new, pure lusty, dirty love for the brand J Crew. In my mind if I could dress like a J crew girl every day I would be happy. There’s something about the mixology, the colours, the opposites attracting that ~ to me ~ just make each outfit look so god damn cool! I envy all those American lass’ who can {as I did last year} simply pop into a J crew boutique and get a proper look and feel and try on of their latest collections. It always makes such a difference. Looking on t’internet sometimes just doesn’t cut the mustard…..

WELL….We have waited patiently, My Shoelets, and we are finally being rewarded because J crew is COMING TO LONDON TOMORROW!!!!!!

Yes. Friday 8th November at 10am the doors to J Crew’s Regent street store are opening to us Brits and we get to BUY WITHOUT SHIPPING COSTS! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

j crew 2013

It’s not going to be cheap, I can tell you that now, but it will be worth the investment and I strongly suggest you all head on over to the new flagship store and take a gander. Take in that gorgeous cashmere,  try on their all too cool for school high heeled pumps and be inspired by their styling and sheer sexiness.

Maybe I’ll see you there…or on here showcasing a few new gems.

Ps. This post is in no way endorsed by J crew but I bloody wish it were!

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November 2013



Kilt krazy


Plaid ass.

That’s what I’ve named this picture. Plaid ass & plaid pits.


{grandma wyn’s burberry trench, j crew denim shirt, vintage kilt from nyc, officine creative boots, orla kiely bag}


I don’t know whether it was the kilt, the denim or the NEW {WOWZERSSSS!!!} Officine Creative boots, that I spurgled out on and per~chased from Poste Mistress, but something made me a little cray here. I loved this outfit so much. It was comfortable, warm and felt exciting…does that make sense? I felt like me but with an edge. Interstingly it is an oufit that is pretty much made up entirely of classic staples ~ killer boots, plaid print & denim. I walked all over London in my costume de jour meeting friends, running errands, heading to work and feeling fab ~ there’s not much more to ask for from an outfit.



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October 2013



Tartan army {part two}


Remember this?

Well, as I unearthed my kilts the other day and wondered when I would be able to wear them, what with this warm October, I realised I would finally be able to fulfill a life long dream sartorial dream. A kilt with bare legs. Doesn’t it just make sense though? Opposites attract & all that shaboozle!!! To avoid my kilts being old & fusty & dated I teamed her with an, albeit very pale now, bare leg, a heel & a denim jacket. BOOM! I’m FINALLY getting to grips with this kilt lark.


{d.i.m.d.i denim jacket, ms selfridge shirt, vintage kilt, kg heels, orla kiely bag, m&s sunnies}


How do you all feel about the kilt? 

Too much? Too traditional? Too trendy?

DO let me know ~ please feel free to post on RSNK’s FB ~  if you find others wearing kilts and killing it.

Always want to be inspired.


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October 2013



Get that coat right

coat med1Dear Shoelets,

Firstly we all need to calm down. It’s not the end of the world…although, were you to have been in Southern UK on Sunday night it might have felt it at 3am. WHOOAAAA!!!! Everyone ok? I did go out to review the wreckage the next morning and only found a few branches down but still…We don’t need this shit WORLD!!!! Ok, I digress. Apologies. So, Why I’ve bombarded you with multiple images of me doing essentially the same pose {God, I’m dull} is not to show you that I can easily shift my weight from left leg to right leg or how great my hair can look when I make an effort but to talk about the winter coat.

All I am hearing these days from friends is

‘Talk to me about coats’

‘Where can I get my winter coat?’

‘Do these coats on Ebay suit me?’

I know it’s tough going into a season where you HAVE to have a particular item to be able to survive but we all need to calm down. While I can’t physically go coat shopping with each and everyone of you I can try and impart some words of wisdom here on the RSNK news page. Read on and don’t weep My Shoelets….

1. Go shopping ~ 

I know. Sounds so stupid but it’s the truth and it seems you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!! Like most items of clothing, trying a coat on is so much better. Shopping online is not to be sniffed at but I would say with coats, underwear, swimwear and footwear ~ Go try that shit on! I know we don’t have a lot of time these days what with attempting to have it all, look the part and conquer the world but we need to schedule in a little trying on session. Even if it’s a couple of coats per lunch break. Find out what suits your shape, what’s right for your needs and what you’re going to get the most wear out of. Take your time and only buy when you’re sure.

black coat

2. Suit you, sir ~ 

Petite peeps ~ Stay away from pieces that drown you. Life jackets are not available. A coat that’s too long in the body and sleeves will simply make you look like you’re wearing your Mum’s coat…..& you’re 7 years old. Also stay away from large prints, an excess of buckles/zips/buttons/lapels/ties ~ all will make you swim in your coat.

Longtime Lovers ~ You beautiful tall, larger, long legged women need a long, powerful statement coat. Make it good quality, make it speak for itself. Pea coats need not apply.

Curves are us ~ Stay away from anything double breasted. We don’t want to add bulk to your bossom. Try and make your coat finish either just above the knee or ~ if you’re brave ~ just above the ankle. Deep V’s & waist ties are your NBF’s.

Sports Directors ~ Head for the double breasted. Add bulk to that bossom. Make your coat finish on the hip. Embrace the embellishments.

3. Start classic ~ 

Yes. I have posted myself wearing 7 winter coats. But I have built up these coats over many years and the most important {read functional} ones are the plain, classic, ‘Go with everything’ ones. They need to start as your base. If all you can afford is one coat then start with grey, navy or black ~ You’ll get some much wear out of it and once you have that in place ~ then you can have fun ~ Colour, print, shape, fur….go wild!

4. Who got the money? ~ 

Buying coats can be an expensive hobby. Fear not My Shoelets ~ I’m here to help. Read on. 

A coat is for life not just for Christmas.

coat med

And here in concludes the Coat lesson of 2013 as told to you by RSNK’s.

Should you have any more questions about what, where, why & how to buy….Feel free to ask….you know I love a discussion…

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