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March 2012



Little bow peep

After a busy week of work including a throughly enjoyable Wardrobe Detox and a fabulously rewarding Back to the real world, work on Saturday was a weary affair and I headed straight for a comfy chic outfit {see also here and here} with a grey velvet bow tie surprise.

{coat from paris, dispensary belt, gifted shirt and bow tie, vintage skirt and belt {in hair}, chazzer shazzer bag, tights, folk brogues}

As I set up my camera the rain started coming down harder and the hair needed protecting!  The ginger mane is precious needs to be kept away from rain so I don’t end up looking like this:


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January 2012



Come rain or …..more rain

Like Bruce Willis’ character in Unbreakable, who’s one weakness is water, I too fall apart when faced with water.  I may have a better hairline and perhaps a couple of inches on old B Dubya but when it rains…I do not want to get dressed.  I don’t like getting wet, I always overdress becasue I think rain = cold and my big pet hate is wet feet.

I can’t tell you how many years I’ve been perfecting my ‘Wet weather but still stylish’ gear but, after a lot of trial and error, I tink I’m there my Shoelets….What say you?

{m&s brolly and boots, vintage coat, chazzer shazzer skirt, onjoo mac cardigan, tights, orla kiely babe}

I’ve gone for a  heeled boot to keep as far away from those puddles as possible, a waterproof bag {Orla Kiely’s specialty} to shield my…um…my bag goodies {Is that what they’re called?} and a super cute mini brolly to shelter the barnet.

For EVEN better ‘Wet weather but still stylish’ gear check out The Glamourai here.

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