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October 2013



Rise to the occasion ~ Cocktail week


It’s been a while since I’ve had to Rise to the Occasion ~ HA! Who am I kidding! Every Wednesday is dress up day for me!! No but seriously, I mean an actual occasion when other people might dress up with me. London cocktail week seemed like the perfect opportunity as we had a personally selected liquor  for our store and served Elderflower and Prosecco cocktails for a couple of days. In my head I merged cocktails and couture as I headed to my closet.


{grandma wyn’s burberry trench coat, hobbs cardi, #diditmyselfdidnti may dress, gifted belt and net skirt, m&s petticoat & sunnies, kg heels, reworked leather bag from rokit {remember her from here?}}


I’d been wanting to wear this Did It Myself, Didn’t I dress, by May, all summer but there just never seemed the right occasion. It’s racer back, tight and short. Had I taken her to old Sunny Spain she might have got an airing but alas she didn’t make the cut. Teaming her with not one but two skirts {you know I love a double skirt action HERE, HERE& HERE} I added a slip and a gifted net skirt to make my outfit wearable, comfortable and cocktail ready.


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September 2013



Summer breakers


Much to Tim’s disdain, who loves a tight and a coat {STAY AWAY!!!}, the heat of summer is here once again..YIPPPEEEE!!! An Indian summer has graced our shores and although it seems inappropriate to still be wearing bright, printed, strapless dresses with white and gold flip flops ~ I DONE IT! I layered my neck in paper beads, jumped into my d.i.m.d.i dress {see HERE} &, although you can’t see it, crayoned my eyes with a purple eyeliner.

I’ve never seen the film but for some reason I feel like I’m a Springbreaker! {minus the violence!}


{rember2morrow paper beads, gifted yellow vest, d.i.m.d.i dress, gifted flips from cyprus}


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August 2013



Morning light


The town was glad with morning light; places that had shown ugly and distrustful all night long, now wore a smile; and sparkling sunbeams dancing on chamber windows, and twinkling through blind and curtain before sleepers’ eyes, shed light even into dreams, and chased away the shadows of the night. 

~ Charles Dickens, The Old Curiosity Shop ~

Having been a sun worshipper, a summer lover and a heat seeker all my life I thought I was down at the beginning of the year because it was cold for SOOOOO long. Because my limbs were bound tightly in coats and layers and boots. Because my summer wardrobe was lying dormant in an outhouse crying out to be worn and loved. Then the weather got a little warmer but the skies stayed a deep shade of grey and I realised that what I needed was light. I craved the sun, not necessarily for its warmth {although that certainly doesn’t hurt} but for it’s brightness, it’s brilliant light and to feel it’s rays on my saweeeet body.

The light of a great days morning is what I love the most. It’s a time to dream, to prepare and to hope for a fabulous day ahead.

Stay with me summer….don’t ever leave…


{self designed skirt, reworked velvet boobtube from a karen millen dress, m&s heels, vintage sunnies}


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August 2013



Mellow maxi


One of my favourite things in the world is simply people watching. I recently went to Spain for a week with Bestie From Africa and every evening, in the sweltering heat of Northern Mallorca, we would trip through the little town of Pollenca, where we were staying, to the local plaza, wander past the restaurants and simply sit and people watch…with an ice cream. I love to see other people in their finery and their own personal take on summer gear.

Tim and I will often do it at work too. Sit on the sofa, look out of the large shop front window & check out how people dress for extreme temperatures in the centre of town. We both have the same no no’s ~ no flipflops & no maxi dresses ~ but Tim’s tolerance for a maxi dress is not extended to any time or place. I, on the other hand, am not as offended by them. They were incredibly oversaturated a couple of summers ago and were the go to dress for WAG’s & out of towners on a hot day at Ascot but when you’re tripping around the house, pottering in the garden & lounging on the sofa I’m quite partial to a maxi or two.

My good friend & bon vivant extrodinaire Kass gave me this little freebie~from~a~mag a couple of years ago. I trimmed and branded her with a little left over java print material & made her my own…all in a days tweaking no? YES!



{reworked maxi, gap flips & m&s sunnies}


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July 2013



Shorts week ~ High waisters

DSC02695When the weather decides to finally answer my prayers and grant me with a succession of weeks that firstly make everyone so God DAMN happy and secondly allow me to wear all my ‘summer summer’ clothes then I thank it’s pretty ass and make the most of this precious time.  As with Pants week {I’m sure you’ll all remember those good old days} I laid out all my shorts on my bed and each day made sure they got the showcasing that they so rightly deserved. A brown leg and a heel was all these high~waisted D.I.M.D.I shorts needed. I ran around town all day in this comfy, chic outfit. CHIC???? Gurrrrrrrrlllll…YES! I know they’re cut offs but with a sleeve, a heel and a high waist I made these badboys work for central London.




{forever 21 top, d.i.m.d.i shorts, melissa plastic heels, green wooden beads from bondi beach market, gifted promise2morrow paper beads, orla kiely}



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July 2013



Hidden gems


{gifted & then reworked zimbabwean dress from bestie from africa, vintage pink dress from sydney, vintage birds of paradise dress from san francisco}

I’ve done my homework that I set myself yesterday and have been hunting and discovering and loving finding my summer specials. They’re out, they’re going to be worn and their accompaniment will be a big fat smile on my face.


{black and beige flip flops from gap, only hearts cotton vest top}


{gifted supre dress from ms. kass, orla kiely clutch}


{£1 hat from cyprus}


{dimdi dress}


{dimdi grey shorts, self designed playsuit, vintage leather visor, ancient cut off jeans, gifted accesorise sunhat}


{vintage top from nyc}

What have you been unearthing my Shoelets?

Any hidden gems that you’d forgotten about?

Tell all…

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June 2013



Take me to Africa


When the Zimbabwean’s are in town there is nothing I like better than cracking out my African print dresses and showing them how much I love their material.

When Bestie From Africa lived over in Zimbabwe {technically she should now be called Bestie From Streatham} I was very lucky to receive many beautiful gifts in the post. Often it was simply material that she knew I’d like and would make into something fabulous. Other times it was actual dresses. This beauty came to me one birthday with the note attached

‘Yes, it’s huge but it’s the smallest I could find. I know you’ll be able to do something with it’ 

Huge was an understatement. It was probably a size 26! You know I love a challenge. I took it up, I took it in, I chopped the sleeves and I hemmed the shit out of it. Paired with a floral belt it was perfect for these far eastern style wild summer days.


{reworked gifted african dress, belt from this dress, m&s suede wedges and sunnies, vintage bag from rokit}


For wild adventures in the actual Africa and not just a garden in South London check out here

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June 2013



Cray Cray Kookaburra



“Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree,
Merry merry king of the bush is he.
Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
Gay your life must be!”


This weather is making me crazy! I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, jumpering or bare arming, legging or trewsing???? What I do know is that it has to be about the layers…layers, layer, layers.


{american apparel cardi & tee, dimdi waistcoat, vintage skirt from hk, hobbs leopard print flats, m&s sunnies}


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June 2013



Lace and Legs

I was in a big dilemma.

A fashion dilemma which never bodes well with me. I like to know where I am and what’s occurin’ when it comes to special occasions. I have been known to plan an outfit up to a year in advanced. I can’t help it. I like to be organised.

Bobbi’s wedding is coming up this weekend. I’m doing a reading. I’m really bloated at the moment. Like REALLY. I had visions of black lace {see here} and had visions of reworking {stitching in a strapless bra to hold it up and taking out the sides to accommodate my expanding derriere} this little lace number I own below.


It’s 20’s inspired, is a nice length but low and behold does it hug and like to show off the bloat belly or what?? I wasn’t happy…I was making do and I didn’t want to be making DO! I wanted to be DO DO DOING in my wedding clobber!

Then I saw this on my beloved Ann Street Studio blog:



A poorly fitted, uncomfortable mediocre~outfit~for~this~occasion would not do. I wanted there to be swathes of gorgeous lace and I needed an injection of sex as opposed to bad digestion.

I went shopping.

I went 60’s…..




{vintage dress from black out}

The bow sleeves are going, much to Tim’s disagreement, and a big high heel is needed due to the large amount of leg that will be on show but I like it. I feel comfortable in it. There’s nothing restricting my waist {a common problem for me at wedding’s. See here} so I am happy to eat, drink and dance the day away…what else are wedding’s for?!

Headgear still to be sorted but I’m on the case… this space

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May 2013



D.I.M.D.I: Flamingo pink take .2.


Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? YEAH! This joomp above was originally this joomp below:

I loved it as a light grey jersey and she did some well earned time on my torso but then the inevitable occured ~ stainage. I can’t tell you what it was or how it ended up there but what I can tell you is that it was in my eye line and it bugged me big time. Along with this shirt I headed over to the washing machine and made all my day time {between 12 & 1pm, when I’m on the bus} dreams come true.

Pink, pink to make the boys wink:




{ joomp and skirt {see here for her transformation} m&s sunnies and wedges, gifted vintage coat, orla kiely bag}


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