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April 2012



African adventure

These feet have been across the waters to Africa-ca-ca and have many a tale to tell….

{goa flip flops, reworked gifted top, self-designed skirt, reworked h&m hat, m&s sunnies}

{m&s nighties x 2}

{vintage sunnies, american apparel t-shirt, self designed jacket, reworked denim shorts {my boyfriend ones i mentioned here} clarks flip flops {my vintage leather visor on matty’s head!}}

{reworked american apparel hoodie and gifted jersey dress, gifted zebra print scarf}

{clarks flip flops}

{reworked dress, bestie from africa’s hat}

{folk sandals, sister with massive laugh’s skirt}

{self designed jacket, forever 21 top}

{reworked denim jacket, reworked vintage dress}

{bestie from africa’s self-designed earrings}

{self-designed playsuit}

{reworked hat, vintage sunnies, american apparel t-shirt}

{gifted vintage kimono, vintage dress from nyc}

{reworked and gifted dress, kimchi bag}

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April 2012



The tight of no return

Before I headed off to the great plains of Africa there was a mini heatwave in old Unit K, I vowed then and there that whence one had returned to the Tiny Island a tight would not be seen on le tanned legs.  They were to be banished to the other side of the year and would not darken my pins for at least another 6 months.

Sadly for me the temperatures are not as pleasing as they were 3 weeks ago.  I, however, am sticking to my guns and am determined not to return to Tightage.  You know what that means kids?


Oh yeah.  These last two expressions of

‘Eh?  What you looking at?’ and ‘Oh look I can balance on one foot, aren’t I clever!’

mean I am in this game for as long as my weather app keeps showing rain.  I may run out of Pants but I’ll still be playing the game, don’t you worry My Shoelets, I don’t like to give into anyone, let along myself!

{self designed velvet jacket, topshop blouse, gifted stripey longsleeve, jeans and leather handbag, orla kiely belt, m&s wedges}

If I could wear these pants everyday of the challenge I would as they are my new ‘Happy pants’.  I purchased/nabbed them from the pile of ‘This shit can’t be bought home with me.  I have way too many clothes’ clothes which I happened across in Bestie From Africa‘s spare room {also known as my room}  Along with these supercomfytightonthelegbutlooseatthetop~winnerwinnerchickendinner jeans I won 3 vests, {see the first one here} one blouse and a pair of culottes.

Best place to shop? ~ Someone else’s wardrobe.  Go find one.

Tomorrow’s post will either be The continuation of The great pants game or Africa pictures ~ What you want?  Tell me and I’ll do it.  I’m so easy like that. I like to please.

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April 2012



Travel chic: Bestie From Africa

Having met the fabulous Ms. Kass here I thought I’d introduce you to another little gypsett jetsetter, Bestie From Africa.  I shall be with this gal very soon and will be living it up in L’afrique {c’est chic!} and thought I’d share with you her travelling tips from Zimbabwe to Mexico, from Austria to Burma.  This girl has travelled the world for work and play and is a mean packer.

What’s your feel good staple?

Probably a couple of beach dresses (at least 2 to co-ordinate with various bikinis) so I can spend the day in my bikini without feeling totally naked.

Any tips for light travelling?

Pack what you think you need and then remove at least 3 items. You’ll never miss them.

Who makes the best luggage?

Samsonite. Not cheap, but worth it.

How do you tackle airport security in style?

Put all your liquids in your hand luggage in a clear bag at home so you don’t have to suffer the indignity of rummaging in your bag with one hand while trying not to drop everything else. Also try to go easy on the jewellery, belts etc so you don’t have to spend 15 mins stripping in front of everyone. And, if you have to wear boots, make sure your socks are hot cos you know they’ll make you take your boots off.

What are your inflight essentials?

Earplugs, eyemask, herbal sleeping tablets and a good book.

Whose swimwear makes a splash?

Not sure.  Mine is cheap and falling apart. I guess I should say, if you buy cheap swimwear one year, remember you’ll have to buy more the next year – if you forget your bottoms will be round your ankles the first time you dive in the next year. Never a good look!

What is your holiday must have?

Ummmm, a good book? does that make me very sad?! otherwise I could say a wax the day before you leave.

What is your summer beauty secret?

You know that one, it’s yours too – moisturise. Religiously.

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