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September 2013



Inspire me


As discussed here this winter is going to be all about making the masculine feminine and seeing this photo from The Satorialist made me want to wear my brogues more. I’ve long been a brogue lover but last year there was a lot of excitement about the new boots and I didn’t get much wear out of my gentlemen’s footwear. Granted, when it’s 2 degrees outside, a brogue is not going to cut the mustard but I’m excited to head back to my little brogue beauties and breathe some new life into them.

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September 2013



More clean lines



Now these little badboys don’t look like much ~ granted ~ but were this ‘puter screen touchy feely {not doubt apple have something in the pipeline!} you would reach out with your tiny paw and find that these are in fact velvet hangers and they are a wardrobe’s best friend. I’m constantly going through my clients closets chucking out wire hangers from the dry cleaners, plastic hangers left over from Uni, wooden jacket hangers from god knows where and then trying to make some semblance of the mismatch chaos that’s left. I’m not blaming you my Shoelets, I’m just as much to blame.

Back in June I was in this wardrobe state too ~




I’m so ashamed to show you my Shoelets ~ the wood, the plastic, the wire, the mayhem! This is not how our beloved garments should be stored, seen or showcased. That is why I finally had enough and I made my way over to Amazon and treated myself to these and these.

Oh Sweet Jesus how things have changed. Gone is the mayhem and in comes the magic ~ symmetry, clean lines {you know that’s my obsession this week}, level playing fields. What more does a girl need for her wardrobe?Β No more doubling up of items {actually tripling up in some cases!}, no more inappropriate hangers for desperate dresses. My wardrobe is date ready and the date she is getting ready for is my goodself.




I honestly believe it’s a worthy investment. Make sure you go for velvet, thin hangers that have a grove at each end. They prevent pieces slipping off, are thin enough to fill a small space with lots of treats and not be too heavy. Plus they’re affordable. You can’t say fairer than that can you? Go do it!!! You’ll learn to love that wardrobe of yours all over again.

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September 2013



Not so blurred lines


Sometimes an outfit is so easy to wear, has such clean lines, smooth cuts & feels just right that nothing else needs to be added. I normally don’t leave the house without at least a couple of necklaces, some earrings and a ring or two but for some reason it didn’t suit this ensemble. It felt like it would all become too cluttered and with a million and one things on my mind at the moment and my house in a state of chaos I could at least bring some order and calmness to my clobber. Horizontal lines on top, straight vertical lines leading down ~ I like these lines, there ain’t no messing.


{american apparel joomp, gap cord skirt, m&s wedges}



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September 2013



So long….Farewell


I’m culling.

Having moved two new flatmates into my place Β this past week {therefore moving two out} things have been up in the air and, as if carried on the wind, the changes they are acoming. Due to this turn around of flatties I have taken it upon myself to have a deep clean of my own stuff, a move around and a chuck out. That’s what comes with the shifting of seasons but also I think the presence of Fashion week hasΒ spurred on this need to cleanse too. I’m looking at my wardrobe and my accessories thinking ‘BOOOORREEEE~RINNNGGG’ and that can only mean one thing ~ some things have to go.

I’m actually sad to see all these shoes go but I had to be ruthless. I HAD TO!

It’s what I say to my clients when I root around in their closets and start getting personal:

‘Do you still wear it/them?’

‘When did you last wear it/them?’

‘This look shabby as held!’l gurl ~ get rid’

My zebra mules ~ which you might remember from HERE ~ had to go due to the fact that they were so old and falling apart that I was actually keeping them together on the inside with plasters! Not a classy look when you remove said shoe at, say, a rooftop cinema.

It was a very tough decision to bin my red flats {last seen HERE} as they have been a constant, classic staple for many a year now but, they too, have seen better days & basically made me look like a scruffy student when I turned up in them. Not a good look in your 30’s….well, late 20’s πŸ˜‰

My maroon wedges from m&s were just not worn enough and I feel like I’ve grown away from a wedge {THESE badboys will never leave me though} so the same goes for the Hobbs one’s too. You’re getting rid of a shoe with a leopard print cow hide on the side??????? Yeah I know but whenever I looked down all I saw was a round toe, black, suede pump ~ Ebay time.

It’s hard to let go of pieces that often have sentimental value or you know you can wear well with certain piecesΒ but don’t really know why you don’t wear them more often.Β We all need to move on and I promise you that something just as fabulous, if not even better, will come along and fill it’s place sooner or later. No shoe is irreplaceable. Trust me.

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September 2013



Faded fall fashion


For some reason these ancient ~ and by ancient I mean ohhhhh 15 years old! ~ heels always seem to make an appearance come the end of the summer. As I steer clear of the bright, bold and beautiful colours that make up my favourite season I head towards more autumnal colours and see my wardrobe with a different eye. A more muted palette appears, less skin is on show {much to my disappointment}, & perhaps a more fitted form arises as we head into the last few months of the year. I always have a back to school feeling come September. There is a renewed work ethic and a higher level of concentration {due to less sunbathing time}. It’s time to get down and get on with business!

I’m booking up fast for detoxes as it’s that time of year. If you need me to come help you blow away the cobwebs and unearth a new you then you know where I am:




{gifted wicker bag from zimbabwe, gifted men’s m&s shirt, hobbs pencil skirt, ancient heels from cyprus {see also here}


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September 2013



Inspire me


Having said I wasn’t bothered about Spring/Summer 14 fashions earlier in the week I’m afraid I’m going back on my word. After flicking through The Sartorialist’s photos I came across this beauty and decided that this was what I wanted to wear now! I can still get those legs out {WHO’S WITH ME!!???} as they have a little colour left on them but I’m wrapping up that top half nice and cosy. Love it! As I said to Tim last week {see comments here} it’s actually a really nice time of year ~ joomps & bare legs ~ let’s embrace it.

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September 2013



Falling forward

As New York fashion week kicks off the crazy domino effect of fashion weeks around the world I can’t help but not be interested. I mean of course I want to know what everyone’s wearing to & from the shows ~ you know I love a good people watch! ~ but with regards to seeing what we’re all going to be seeing in the shops & on the streets come Spring 2014? Meh….I ain’t so bothered.

I can literally pinpoint Autumns arrival to last Friday. There was a chill in the air come 6pm and for the first time in ages I had to put a scarf in my bag for ‘later’. Why I’ve put my later in inverted commas I’ve no idea but what I meant was that those shoulders and sweet decollatage could not have been bare and bracing themselves against the cool winds of September come 11pm ~ Later. It’s cardi in the house time, socks on in the evening and perhaps a transitional coat or two time.

I’m sad. I’m always sad when summer leaves us and heads of somewhere else to have fun and flanter but I’m slowly but surely coming round to thinking about my autumn winter wardrobe. THERE! I’ve said it. I’m on the turn. If you can remember back to earlier in the year when we were bombarded with Autumn/Winter 13/14 images of what the catwalk produced then lucky you. If not here be a list of favourites that I shall be championing this coming season:

~ Think pink ~Β 

pink coat

The pink coat is THE coat for this season. It’ll be thrown in our faces like a big pink blancmange and come February we’ll be sick of the sight of them. For now though I am embracing the trend as I am already the proud owner of a beautiful angel delight coloured winter pinky coat from NYC

pink coat1

~ Plus size ~

If you are going to go for rose hued outer garment then make sure it ~ and all your other coats {you know how I feel about coats} ~ are oversized. You want them to swamp you so much that should another person need to get in there with you, you can accomadate.


Again, I have already been channeling the ‘could be wearing your plus 6’4″ boyfriends coat’ look and love it. You can wear anything underneath and still get your coat over the top of it! Just make sure that your pins poking out the bottom are sleek ~tights, fitted trews ~ and your hair is up, scraped, under a fitted hat to avoid the Hagrid look.


~ Kilt crazy ~Β 

Sometimes I am just too ahead of the game and often looked at like I’m all out of wack {this happens quite often} but then certain trends catch up with my trailblazing ass and I am suddenly seen as forward thinking and innovative {yeah this doesn’t happen that often} I am of course talking about tartan and THE KILT that will {like the blancmange coat} be so saturated by next spring no one will want to see one for love nor money. If you can wear the print without looking too try hard DO IT. If it’s out of character and would simply look odd on you ~ STEER CLEAR.


I’ve started a Tartan Army album over on RSNK’s FB page where I shall be hopefully adding more inspiration this winter.

~Sweater suit~

You know I LOVE a skirt suit and I couldn’t be happier that the evolution of the skirt suit has morphed into something that I want to wear EVERY SINGLE DAY! Essentially it’s just a joomp and a skirt put together so not really the most forward thinking of trends and I’m sure everyone’s been ahead of this game at some point in their lives but still. I’m in love. Same prints/patterns/colours are a defo must and above all this is going to be a trend that will be so comfy I will have no trouble daytime napping in it.Β heading from day into night with it.


joomp 2

~ MaN uP~

Is it bad that I feel like I want to dress like Louis from One Direction at the moment?


For those of you unfamiliar with this wee whippersnappers who are taking over the world ~ Louis’ the one in the middle and I would have absolutely no qualms in wearing his entire outfit. Having been a tomboy until the age of 25 I often hark back to my masculine days of jeans, trainers and short hair. I then dismiss those thoughts and remember that I’m not at University in the 90’s anymore. But on occasion I so wish my WO~man hips were a little slimmer and the legs a little longer so that I could look like a member of a boyband.

It’s going to be a masculine winter and I am looking forward to the challenge ~ as I’ve done before ~ of making m a little more fem.




{all images via the web}

SO it’s now over to you my Shoelets ~

I’ve told you what I’ll be wearing for the shorter days and the colder nights?

What trends are you getting excited about and which ones are you leaving at the door?Β 

Who’s going for the punk look?

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September 2013





September 2013



Summer breakers


Much to Tim’s disdain, who loves a tight and a coat {STAY AWAY!!!}, the heat of summer is here once again..YIPPPEEEE!!! An Indian summer has graced our shores and although it seems inappropriate to still be wearing bright, printed, strapless dresses with white and gold flip flops ~ I DONE IT! I layered my neck in paper beads, jumped into my d.i.m.d.i dress {see HERE} &, although you can’t see it, crayoned my eyes with a purple eyeliner.

I’ve never seen the film but for some reason I feel like I’m aΒ Springbreaker!Β {minus the violence!}


{rember2morrow paper beads, gifted yellow vest, d.i.m.d.i dress, gifted flips from cyprus}


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September 2013



All out of love

DSC03007I don’t know when it exactly happened but I know that it has.

My love for the belt has gone.

It’s disappeared. Vanished. Vamoosed out of my life and I’m not sure whether it will ever come back. There was a time when a day didn’t go by without a tightening in of the waist. A nod towards the accessory that most people seem to own but never quite know what to do with. I know that what comes with age is knowledge, peace & an ever increasing belly that does NOT look good when accentuated by a wide elastic belt and I also know that those first two listed are bullshit and what simply comes with age is the belly. I don’t mind a thin belt now and then. A tiny nod to my once~small~but~now~only~medium~sized waist but I guess I just don’t feel like reaching for this once loved accessory.

I seem to favour a sleeker line, a looser fit and a less fussy get up. I feel bad for my beloved belts but, as I say to my clients, I’ll still keep them around. I’ll cull a few but will keep the majority as you never know…one day the waist made need a little cinching in and a trusty small belt at hand will save the day*

*As long as it’s not an occasion where I need to eat or sit down for a longtime…or drink lots or am on my period. Belts don’t seem to work for these occasions anymore.Β 

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