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April 2013



Baddie Bey’s bikinis

So what do we all think of this?

I am a big lover of Queen B’s but I can’t help thinking REALLY?!?! H&M?

Beyonce’s summer range for the brand H&M launched yesterday and I don’t mind saying I feel a little disappointed. Her crown slipped slightly with her selling out to Pepsi {GUUURL! Whatcho doin’ promoting sugary drinks to an overweight generation!!!!??} but with H&M I can’t help feeling it’s, like the brand, all a bit cheap. It’s no secret that I’m a clothes snob when it comes to quality over quantity and haven’t stepped foot into a branch of H&M for years now so I’m not that keen on the shop for starters. But by bringing in ‘celebrity designers’ ~ and I use that term in the loosest context that I possibly can ~ I can see what they’re trying to do. It works. Well, it worked. The day a big name dropped off their collection the queue was round the block. Pieces sold out and everyone loved owning an item of clothing designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Madonna {?!} I’m not sure the latter collections have had as much attention though ~ Anyone own a Anna Dello Russo piece? Or one from Maison Martin Margiela?

But are we really blinded by celebrity these days that simply because someone we love and admire, in their own field, glances at the outline of a bikini or ticks a box to say which colourway she likes means we all rush out and buy it? Are we immune to the fact that, regardless of whether Beyonce was paid an obscene amount of money to put her name to it and has no doubt never worn a piece of H&M clothing in her life, it’s still going to be the same old, poor quality, cheap labour H&M tat?

Am I missing the point?

What do you have to say about it?

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April 2013



Back in the saddle


Last week saw me get back on the old BMX for the first time in 6 months. I’ll be honest ~ my vagina is still recovering but apart from a permanent need to ask for a pillow when sitting down on a wooden chair, I am happy. Happy to be back in the saddle THANK YOU! I’m here all week. My beloved bike is my free ride round town but also my only form of exercise at the moment so I am uber keen to keep this up while we have our 10 minutes of sun this year.  Having said that I’m never a fan of doing things properly and so cycling shorts, trainers and a lycra top will not be donning my bod. No, I simply need to think a little more carefully about what I can cycle in. A stretchy jersey dress and a lightweight jacket did just the trick….oh…and keeping in with not wearing Le tight again until fall ~ a naughty stocking makes an appearance.

Happy Monday y’all….Who’s unpacked their summer clothes yet?

DSC02014{vintage adidas top and dress, dimdi m&s socks, m&s suspenders & wedges}



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April 2013



Inspire me

My good friend Debbie, who I used to work with in Orla Kiely, moved to Berlin just over a year ago and I am finally off to see her this summer. I text her to say ‘I do like to go native so a bratwurst needs to be involved’. She replied by saying 

‘Vintage shopping, riding to lakes, naked saunas! Sausage, beer and sunshine sorted’


Naked saunas!! No…wait I mean the riding to the lakes, the sunshine, the shopping…What to wear…what to wear….what to wear….

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April 2013



Style changer

me paree

I read a very interesting article via twitter on The Huffington Post a few weeks ago that has been stuck in my head for a while now. The title of the piece wasDo style rules change once you turn 35?’ Well, my Shoelets, that big old scary number of 35 is fast approaching yours truly and I need to know ~ like the article explores ~ can I still wear a mini skirt when I’m 35?

My job as a Wardrobe Detoxer {Gave myself the title, thanks} is to help women declutter their wardrobes and find their style. In our 20’s we can wear what we want, experiment, follow trends and make mistakes but by the time we hit our 30’s it’s expected of us to know how to dress and, in a way, to settle down. We should have done our trialing and testing and should be confident and knowledgeable in what to wear. NEWS FLASH! This is bullshit. Our metabolism slows down in our thirties, babies start appearing, responsibilities become greater and while there is a certain confidence that comes with age there is definitely an insecurity that comes with getting older.  No one likes the mutton dressed as lamb look but surely there are ways to still dress ourselves youthfully without appearing to look like we’re afraid of our advancing years?


I love getting my legs out. They’re not the best in the world, actually far from it. They’re short. Like really short. I’m tall with a long body and short legs. They could be more toned and I have varicose & broken veins on my thighs but I love a brown leg. Like I preached to the masses on Monday. If I didn’t get them out they wouldn’t go brown. The two photos I’ve included are both from last year when I was 34. I can’t see much changing for this summer. If I’m confident with getting my legs out then it shows. If I was embarrassed and highly conscious then it simply brings unnecessary attention to my wobbly pins. Besides who doesn’t love a bit of imperfection? Perfect doesn’t exist and we should stop trying to achieve it. My legs ain’t perfect and that’s just the way I like it.

Personally I think rules are there for a reason but they’re also meant to be broken. Children are growing up faster these days and people are living longer. If I gave up wearing miniskirts at 35 I could have another 50 of not getting my legs out! Where’s the fun in that?

So, tell me. What are your thoughts/fears on our style changing after 35? 

Would love to discuss it with you all….

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April 2013



Rise to the occasion: Country life


When a weekend retreat to the countryside came up last week I couldn’t decide what to wear. I KNOW! My Shoelets, I’m sorry if I’ve let you down but the never ending winter that we’ve endured has meant that I am all over the place. April is about blossom and getting your legs out and riding your bike. It’s been so up and down that I’ve not known whether to wrap myself in cashmere forever or simply stay in bed for the next 3 months. {I did both. Solved arguements with myself}

A trip to see Terry & Judy with Sister With Massive Laugh was medicine and to cover all bases I went for a uniform of jeans, wellies {YEAHHHH WELLIES GETTING USED PROPERLY!} and thin outer layers. I kept a colour palette of blue, black & orange so that everything could mix and match which also means easy packing. My new Uniqlo puffa is turning out to be the coat of the year and was a perfect layer for walking, hiking up a hill, traipsing round a farm & running through fields.

Happy days.

For my last adventure to Tel & Jude’s have a sneak peek over here and here




{vintage jacket from hong kong, uniqlo jacket, wool belt from a gifted vintage dress, gifted topshop jeans, hunter wellies}




{sister with massive laugh wears urban outfitters coat, river island trews & peach joomp, gifted scarf, hunter wellies}







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April 2013



Last of the tights


This is it my Shoelets. This is the last you’re going to see of me in Le tight for some time.

Ground breaking news for some of you I know but for those of you who are not up to speed with the everyday goings on of my legs I shall inform you all of what’s occurin’ {said in a Welsh accent} Biannually I play this game, only with myself but I still play it, where I set a date and from then on I shall not be donning tights until Octoberish. Some people think I’m cray, some say I’m a God damn fool others say I should model for Aldi to those people I say this: You’ve gotta be in it to win in! Every year my customers {& friends} complain about their white legs. The news is ladies that if they’re not exposed to the sun then they’re always gonna be a pale hue of ill.

Get em out, get some Vitamin D into your system and simply pop a scarf into your bag for cooler evenings. Holler! Summer’s nearly here!


{vintage coat {last seen here}, may leopard print dress, grey cardi from a shop in oz, yellow cardi from american apparel, tabio tights, d.i.m.d.i belt, gifted hudson boots}



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April 2013



Inspire me


What with Bobbi’s wedding in 6 weeks time I am hunting for a dress that will be comfortable, stylish and in my new favourite fabric ~ Lace. I’m going to attempt to make a headdress of some sort but in the mean time I need to decide what type of dress I want……Can I wear black? Why am I asking? I’m gonna wear black. Sue me.


For my last adventures in lace wedding wear check out my tale here.

blk lace 2

{images via the tinterweb}

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April 2013



Back in the hood


Hey guys look! The grey drain pipe is back.


I dropped off my dry~cleaning and couldn’t help but pop back to my old neighbourhood and snap a couple of outfit pics. Oh it was so good to be back, my Shoelets. The wall, my small turned in foot and that timid smile. I was back in the hood….and speaking of hoods {seamless. simply seamless} here’s my new one that I am in love with. I regaled you all with her birth journey into my wardrobe here and I have been wearing her beaucoup guys, BEAUCOUP. She’s a great layer to wear under my spring coats and you know that the more orange I can pile on the better I feel. Let’s crack open an orange and all feel the rush of that sweet Vit. C.


{chazzer shazzer coat, uniqlo puffer, vinatge dress {last seen here}, m&s tights, gifted scarf, hobbs flats, kimchi bag}


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April 2013



Inspire me

jamie in paris


With a day trip to Paris, for Bestie From Africa‘s birthday, coming up in a couple of weeks I was delighted to see my favourite photographer Jamie Beck showcase her weekend away in Paris. I was surprised though when this little selfie popped up amongst the streets of my lover. I’ve always admired her style but the bottom half of her outfit ~ the khaki pants and the flat patent shoes ~ is what really caught my eye. She managed to dress appropriately for wandering around a city all day but still  showed respect and elegant love to the beautiful city of Paris. Girl after my own heart.

You might see my own interpretation of this outfit pop up very soon….

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April 2013



Simple 60’s style


Last week I put half my winter coats into storage and the other half on the dining room table where they will stay until I can be bothered to head 9 minutes up the road to the dry cleaners or they get stolen. Once that is done, they too will be put away into storage {lessons on how to store hardcore are here} Due to the ridiculously low temperatures that we are still experiencing you might think that I am being a god damn fool for putting my Winter warmers into hibernation. NEVER. Never my Shoelets.

I will always like cashmere and thermal vests which means I can happily, willingly and warmly move onto my collection of Spring coats. The jackets I have covered {see here, here and here} but the coats I own surmount to a mere three. I know guys, it’s not many, but it’s all I need and they do me just fine. The first is my beloved Grandma Wyn’s trench that I chopped up and took in that get’s a LOT of wear {here, here & here} The second is my Apricot Chazzer Shazzer find that I love {see here and here} but the third I have not shown your sweet peepers and it’s about time I did.

Step forward my 60’s style Simpleton. I per~chased this beauty nearly 10 years ago now from a vintage store in New York. It is so classic and simple which are not words you would initially think of to describe my style but…I love it and it always get’s compliments. Actually this time I wore it I didn’t get any compliments but I can only assume that was because everyone’s heads were facing down due to bastard rain.


{vintage coat & brogues, m&s cashmere joomp, chazzer shazzer skirt, tights, kimchi bag, d.i.m.d.i scarf}



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