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April 2012



Printing in the rain

As I looked out of the window last week and couldn’t see due to the rain being hurled in my face I heaved a sigh and wondered to myself

‘Will I ever meet Michael Fassbender?’

I then thought

‘What the fuck is going on with April?? SERIOUSLY! I’m not amused!’

Oh Lordy! I am losing my holiday calmness, as well as my tan, at a rate of knots here and my flatmate has just told me that this pissing weather is carrying on well into next month.  There’s nothing I can do to change it though {the farmers need it!!} so I turned away from that window, picked up my bagel, dropped what was on my bagel onto the floor, picked up what had been on my bagel, ate it and caught up on blog reading that I missed when I’d been away.

HALLELUJAH! Now, you know I like to get inspired by people {see here and here} and so when I came across Susie Bubble rocking some serious prints, EVEN in this stinking gale we’ve found oursleves in, I knew I had to follow suit.

 {grandma wyn’s burberry trench, cardi from a shop in oz, bretton top from south of france, vintage dress, brogues and bag, m&s stripy socks, diesal sunnies}

Print and pattern is going to be everywhere this spring/summer, EVERYWHERE! {Look, I tweeted it to you all here!} They’re going to be inviting themselves round for tea, hanging out, making you feel good about yourselves and you are not gonna wanna say no to them.  Believe me!

Don’t get overwhelmed by them, learn to love them and learn to mix them.

The rules are here and I say simply DO IT!!

PS. No pants but still no tights.  In this game I’m playing against myself I’m still winning.  I told myself so…you know…It’s true dat.

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April 2012



African adventure

These feet have been across the waters to Africa-ca-ca and have many a tale to tell….

{goa flip flops, reworked gifted top, self-designed skirt, reworked h&m hat, m&s sunnies}

{m&s nighties x 2}

{vintage sunnies, american apparel t-shirt, self designed jacket, reworked denim shorts {my boyfriend ones i mentioned here} clarks flip flops {my vintage leather visor on matty’s head!}}

{reworked american apparel hoodie and gifted jersey dress, gifted zebra print scarf}

{clarks flip flops}

{reworked dress, bestie from africa’s hat}

{folk sandals, sister with massive laugh’s skirt}

{self designed jacket, forever 21 top}

{reworked denim jacket, reworked vintage dress}

{bestie from africa’s self-designed earrings}

{self-designed playsuit}

{reworked hat, vintage sunnies, american apparel t-shirt}

{gifted vintage kimono, vintage dress from nyc}

{reworked and gifted dress, kimchi bag}

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April 2012



Daydreaming fuel

As soon as I saw the first picture of The Glamourai’s latest styling project my mind started racing!

Each outfit got me excited about Rising to the occassion.  I thought of Gypsett travelling, adventurous head gear, reworking pieces I already own, accessorising to the hilt, my beloved Africa-ca-ca and, having just helped flattie with A Sweet Treat, magical Morocco was also thrown into my daydream {helped as in she’s learning and did most of it herself. Sex and city 2 eat your heart out!} 

This last one is definately my favourite as I have a similar hat that I’ve been meaning to rework for a while….watch this space!

For the rest of this gorgeous shoot take a gander over here…

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April 2012



Still playing with pants

The summer coats are out of the closet and The great Pants game continues…..

{grandma wyn’s reworked burberry trench, diesel sunnies, gifted earrings, bag from burma and t-shirt, orla kiely jacket, chazzer shazzer trs {part of a suit. jacket seen here and here} office shoes}

Here’s another top I managed to steal from Bestie From Africa‘s pile of Chazzer Shazzer clothes.  Representing the British Embassy in Zimbabwe she didn’t think this t-shirt would go down well.  I, on the other hand, had no problem showcasing this wonton hussey round Clapham.

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April 2012



The tight of no return

Before I headed off to the great plains of Africa there was a mini heatwave in old Unit K, I vowed then and there that whence one had returned to the Tiny Island a tight would not be seen on le tanned legs.  They were to be banished to the other side of the year and would not darken my pins for at least another 6 months.

Sadly for me the temperatures are not as pleasing as they were 3 weeks ago.  I, however, am sticking to my guns and am determined not to return to Tightage.  You know what that means kids?


Oh yeah.  These last two expressions of

‘Eh?  What you looking at?’ and ‘Oh look I can balance on one foot, aren’t I clever!’

mean I am in this game for as long as my weather app keeps showing rain.  I may run out of Pants but I’ll still be playing the game, don’t you worry My Shoelets, I don’t like to give into anyone, let along myself!

{self designed velvet jacket, topshop blouse, gifted stripey longsleeve, jeans and leather handbag, orla kiely belt, m&s wedges}

If I could wear these pants everyday of the challenge I would as they are my new ‘Happy pants’.  I purchased/nabbed them from the pile of ‘This shit can’t be bought home with me.  I have way too many clothes’ clothes which I happened across in Bestie From Africa‘s spare room {also known as my room}  Along with these supercomfytightonthelegbutlooseatthetop~winnerwinnerchickendinner jeans I won 3 vests, {see the first one here} one blouse and a pair of culottes.

Best place to shop? ~ Someone else’s wardrobe.  Go find one.

Tomorrow’s post will either be The continuation of The great pants game or Africa pictures ~ What you want?  Tell me and I’ll do it.  I’m so easy like that. I like to please.

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April 2012



Tree tings

{that big old african sky}

Having only been back for 4 days and with my daydreaming head still stuck firmly in Zimbabwe, I think my Tree tings for the week must most definitely be Africa related…

{hanging out with my buddies}

{self designed mozambique print skirt, goa flip flops}

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April 2012



D.I.M.D.I: High waisted shorts

This is the round and full face of yours truly circa 1997 in New York City.

Although it doesn’t look like it, it was actually taken at the end of the best summer of my life.  There was a boy involved, fresh air, swimming, drama, comedy, travel, NYC ~ Great times.

The photo is here not to scare you into never having bleached hair or blue nails but to, of course, discuss the attire.*  At the time I was wearing one of three pairs of jeans that I owned.  A black low rise boot cut pair that I bought that summer, a baggy boyfriend pair {chopped into shorts and took to Zimbabwe 2012} and these ~ High waisted, straight leg blue jeans that I had had since I was 14.

Back in 1992 high waisted was not high waisted but was simply normal.  Low rise, ass crackers, as I like to call them, hadn’t been invented and we were were safe in the knowledge that our knickers and backsides were covered even if we did bend over to put a pair of Buffalo trainers on.

I loved this pair of jeans and always kept them to see if I could fit back  into them after weight yo yo’s, just like my Mum’s ‘pregnancy jeans’.  A pair of jeans she kept and after each baby {of which she squeezed out three} would try on to see if she had returned to her former size. {FYI I could fit a forearm into them in my teens!}

Anyway, come 2004 my ‘ass size testing’ jeans weren’t being worn and I wanted them to worn! I CAN’T STAND WASTE!!

Feb 2005 ~ Took the jeans in so they were tapered, patched up the knees and dyed them dark blue.  BINGO! High waisted jeans before their comeback after their demise after their introduction.  Always one step ahead my Shoelets.

Aug 2010 ~ Nearly didn’t make it to the theatre one night as was stuck in the jeans ~ 1992 they were purchased my friends, no elastic in sight.

What to do?….MMMMMMmmmmm.  The top of these jeans is AWESOME and I do hate to give up on an item with so much history…

March 2012 ~ D.I.M.D.I time {mark 2 for this pair}

Firstly I cut them into shorts and unpicked them to let them out….

….Bleach bath to take the colour out of them….

…with the ‘legs’ that I’d cut off I pinned and then sewed the extra material into the unpicked seams to give me extra ass space…

…I cut the beauties even shorter for maximum tannage on the pins and found myself with a pair of high waisted jean shorts!

Happy, comfy, stylish, African days…Did it myself didn’t I?

Ohhhh…And…and I changed two tyres on a jeep in these shorts ~ Ass covered the whole time.

{reworked hat, ray ban sunnies, american apparel t-shirt, reworked shorts}

*recognise the shirt too?  Check here….15 years after it was gifted it’s still being loved….

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April 2012



Looking for change

{found fleece, topshop scarf, vintage jacket from nyc, gifted vest, lee jeans, wedges from nyc, leather bag from cyprus}

Between the downpours and the grey skies of yesterday I found a small window of sun and I snatched it to take these piccies.  Obviously, the rules are, day one back from your hols you wear white and get as much skin out as possible.  Having transferred said skin from 27 degrees to 10 there was a strong possibility that this was not going to happen.  It did however make me look at my wardrobe with fresh eyes and you know me My Shoelets, I do love a challenge.

Having lived off the same set of clothes for 2 weeks when I get back to Tiny Wardrobe and am faced with a plethora of vetements I am always looking for change.  In Africa-ca-ca I was flowing, big prints, bold colours.  On returning I’m reaching for some a little subtler. A looser top, a smaller print, edgy and ‘covered’ {dang i was cold yesterday!} but still TRYING to be springlike.

I’m getting out my spring/summer jackets today and am looking forward to dreaming up different outfits for this year.  I’m not sure what they’ll be but I have a few little ideas brewing in le brainage.  Shoes and bags are a priority this season and I can’t wait to look at what I already own and mix it up to make it current and exciting.

What’s your plan for this upcoming season?  Let me know?  Do you like the sportswear look thats coming in?  Clogs a plenty for y’all?  Will you be joining me, Burberry and a whole continent with 2012’s love of African print? Are pastels welcomed into your inbox or are they sent right to spam?

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April 2012



Returning to Winter

{forever 21 top, sister with massive laugh’s skirt, promise paper beads}

ERRRRRRRRR!!!!! Did no one get the memo that I’m back, with a tan and I need to get my legs out???  What is this weather?? Oh dear me!!!

Yes my dearest Shoelets, I am back from Africa with a head full of dreams, a case stuffed with dirty clothes and fingers crossed no malaria.  I’m back and I’m raring to go.

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve set up RSNK and that this little News page has been churning out wicked words of…well…whatever!

It’s time for a little input from your goodselves please, I wanna hear what you have to say and what you like to read.

As we embark on this new year together – holding hands and laughing manically – what would you like to see more of?  Tell me, I wanna know

Outfit posts?


Tutorial’s on Do’s and Don’ts?


Anything new and different?

Let me know and I shall do my best to provide.

It’s good to be back my lovelies….Holiday pictures coming soon….xx

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April 2012



Hangin’ tough

As much as I love dresses and heels and do do’s in The Ginger Mane Event there comes a time when a little toughening up is necessary.  A leather jacket here, a leather rucksack there….

{vintage leather jacket from pop boutique, sample sale leather rucksack from hk, american apparel joomp, chazzer shazzer dress, m&s cut off tights and suspender, office flats}

…and a whole lotta sexy time underneath!!

These feet are taking me traveling across the waters and all the way to Africa for a couple of weeks.  I shall be back in the bosom of the News room come Tuesday 17th April.  It’s a while my Shoelets, I know, but I shall return with tales of adventure, mystery and with a whole lot of African magic….and hopefully a story about an elephant or two!! Yipppeeee…See you later and Happy Easter y’all.

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