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December 2012



Highlighting Twenty Twelve

My first post of 2012 stated that when it came to my outfits for the forthcoming year I wanted

‘a looser silouette, cleaner lines, brighter colours and more shoes.’

Well, I feel I’ve done what my optimistic, start of a brand new year self intended. I do always think it’s a little wanky when people {myself included} say their style has matured but… style has definitely matured.  A more grown up approach arose when it came to picking my attire each morning. Where as before I would have accesorised to the hilt I found myself stripping back and heading for a simpler approach to my sartorial wears. I CERTAINLY did buy a shoe or two and my most exciting discovery of the year was lipstick.  Oh how it revitalised this steadily aging boat race. In the tweet speak of James Arthur #LOVE.

Here be a few personal highlights from the year that just was.

There were definitely highs: {SUIT YOU}

And some summer time lows: {THE JOYS OF JUNE}

I was so lucky to travel far and wide with a suitcase full of costumes.

Firstly, above,  to my beloved Africa: {AFRICAN ADVENTURE}

Then I skipped over to Spain for my birthday: {HOLIDAY HIATUS ~ EL FIN}

And ended the summer with a couple of days in Paris: {PRETTY PARIS} 

I stayed true to my mixology roots: {A LITTLE NECK DECORATION}

but found I liked a simpler form just as much: {NEON PEACH}

And of course there were plenty of opportunities to Rise to the occasion: {SOFT ROSE & SWEET ORANGE}





The best thing about 2012 though has been the fabulous Wardrobe Detoxes I’ve done for your good selves and the exciting Sweet Treats I’ve had the pleasure in making happen. Thank you if you booked the services of Red shoes No knickers this year, if you commented on this very news page, contributed to a discussion about ankle socks or how much print is too much print or simply read silently and perhaps told a friend or two.

You can catch me at any of these technilogical pasttimes:

*Twitter ~ Facefuck ~ Instagram*

Or you can book in your New Years Detox by contacting me Here

Here’s to 2013 being just as fabulous and maybe even a little better…Bonne Annee Mes Amies…..



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December 2012



Inspire me

I am inspired to keep my artist integrity

To stay true to myself

To realise that the 100 knock backs we get in life simply mean we need to get up 101 times


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December 2012





December 2012



Inspire me

Over at The Sartorialist, Scott’s post says ‘If you’re thinking of day sequins…’

At this time of year I’m thinking of everyday sequins, anything glittery, diamante brooches, sparkly nails, gold, silver and a holly adorned mulled wine coloured trilby.

Who’s with me on looking borderline cray cray?

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December 2012



Quality AND Quanity

 You know I’ve got beef with coats right?

When I moved into my new pad my new flattie, Han, commented on the fact that I had a LOT of coats and they were blocking the doorway.  Doorway Schmoreway I thought!  I turned, patiently, looked her in the eye and told her the hard, cold facts about coats.  I’ve imparted my words of coat wisdom here before {see here if you missed it} and I would like to add another attachment to that email.

Yes.  I’ve said it before. Coats can make or break your outfit and when it comes to winter a coat ~ like a decent haircut, a pair of skies when you’re skiing or a partner who reads ~ is a NECESSITY! No. We can not go out, when it’s -1 degrees, without one. What I want to add is that you can’t go out in -1 degrees with a shit coat either {Sister With Massive Laugh and Old Flattie are who I am referring to in my circles} A coat that doesn’t keep you warm is as useful as a handbag made out of pink blancmange.  Pretty to look at, pretty awful to wear.  Now I recently felt the pain of the average coat buyer as I headed into Zara.  I found a great coat ~ Military style, fur collar, mid thigh ~ over £200.

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! NO! Now that is a lot of money.  Well it is for me anyway and if I was spending £200 on a coat then I wouldn’t be buying more than one every couple of years.  Pppffffff….One just don’t cut the mustard, it doesn’t fit every occasion and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to be warm.

Take Exhibit A below:

Gorgeous, stunning Orla Kiely coat that was over £400 when it was on sale.  I was lucky enough to get this particular garment for free because I happened to work there and boy am I glad that I did because this coat is freezing.  It can only be worn at the beginning of Autumn or the trail end of Winter.  It’s a showboat. Great coat! I hear shouted at me when I wear it.  My nipples tend to disagree.


Go vintage.

Big vintage stores like my beloved Rokit and Tim’s beloved Pop boutique source clothes from all over the world and when I see a label that says made in Romania/100% wool/cashmere blend/something written in German then I know that my cockles will be well and truly WARRRMMMMM!

Exhibit B: Rokit ~wool/cashmere blend ~ £30

Exhibit C: Rokit ~ Made in Romania ~ £15

Exhibit C: Chelsea flea market in NYC ~ rabbit fur ~ $50 {$31}

In all these cases it seems we’re dealing with quality AND quantity. What more do we want??

Tim got a new woolly, warm coat last week from Pop for £27 and the majority of the winter coats in Rokit at the moment are a bargain at £30.

Go! Go now…Run like the Winter, whipping wind around our ears….

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December 2012



What about all my shoes?

This little wooden space has been my sanctuary for the past 5 years and come last Sunday I was very sad to leave it behind.  It held so many memories ~ I moved in there when I was still in my 20’s! ~ and I had really made it my own.  It was my boudoir, my dressing room, my wardrobe, my powder room, my reading space, my time out from the rest of the house.  Like the eternal procrastinator that I am I left packing it all up until 11.30pm the night before.  Worked for an hour and a half, went to bed and then finished the rest of in 3 and a half hours.  What can I say?  I work so much better with a looming deadline.

{this is half of my stuff}

With my so-called life now all in bags and a lot of wicker {that’s all going to go} I headed 9 minutes down the road to my new pad and dumped everything into my room before going off to buy pink bubbles in the local garage.  I certainly know how to live my life!

So….with a blank canvas, if you will, ~ a bed, a fire place, a book case and 2 chests of drawers ~ I am once again on the road to ‘making a space’.  Do I want it to be less cluttered? Do I want a colour palette running through it? Where will my shoes and ridiculous amount of bags go? Why have I kept all my books? These questions ~ rhetorical and non~torical ~ swim around my head as I try to piece together a new space. A little inspiration is taken from around the net:

{all images taken from this post}

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November 2012





November 2012



Forward planning

December is in two days {just in case you needed reminding} and December, in Latin, translates into ‘Party season’. I am out all the time in December {OOOHHH popular!} catching up with people I haven’t seen in a while, partying, dancing and generally cashing in on that ‘It’s Christmas let’s spend shit loads of money on celebrating’ card.


As I reminded you all last year I am at your beck and call should you require a Sweet Treat eg I come to your house and find your party outfits for this season. SORTED!! I don’t know about you but come 18th/19th December I am troweling re~layering make~up over make~up and surviving on Pret breakfast baguettes, paracetamol and afternoon top ups of more vino.  Sleep is but a distant memory and as for deciding on an outfit for that evening at 8am ~ Forget it! In preparation for this debauched time I have all my party outfits pre~planned and sometimes even folded and ready to go. Sad? No, ORGANISED PEEPS!

Now I will always suggest that at Christmas time the big guns need to come out.  They should be out at all times but just in case you are saving your best for special occasions then they need to make their appearances now ~ sequins, leather, lace, feathers, kimonos, floor length anything, velvet, brocade, dramatic make up……

Having said that I think a little something different for this year is in order no? Instead of a sea of black/sparkle/shortness I want to see  you standing out from that drunken, present giving, celebrating crowd…

  • As Ms. Sevigny is doing above ~ nab the/a/some boy’s jacket. Cinch it in with a belt if needs be and wear with only a striking pair of tights, a back breakingly big heel and killer make up.  

TOP TIP: Eyes OR lips with the make~up & casual hair to avoid the Denise Van Outen in Chicago look.

  • I think lace is always a winner but we seem to see a lot more of it at Christmas and always in black. Play follow my leader again with Ms. Sevigny and wear your lace bold and bright.

TOP TIP: If your outfit is this colourful keep all other colours ~ tights, shoes, jackets ~ to a bare minimum.

  • The trouser suit is everywhere this season but I can assure you it won’t be first choice for everyone’s Christmas party.  DO IT! A couple of years ago I turned up at the ‘works’ Christmas do wearing a black velvet trouser suit and an orange felt hat.  Amidst the throng of sequins I was summit a little different innit.

TOP TIP: Head for a striking colour or print to really stand out at this time of year.


  • Wear the brocade/sequins/glitter/silk but team it with something casual. A white tee and a  jewelled bib necklace go a very long way.

TOP TIP: Make sure your tee is over sized and loose.  Once again steal the one night stands  a boy’s.

Go forth and make me proud my Shoelets.

While you’re at it why don’t you let me know what you’re planning on wearing for 24 days straight of drinking?

I’m off to pair up my new checked shirt and my vintage brocade skirt….

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November 2012



Getting lippy

Big changes are ahead.

In four days time I shall be sadly leaving my pad, where I have been living for the past five years, and shacking up with a bunch of fashion savvy gals down the road.  I’m throwing things out, changing my winter wares, chopping my hair off {not too much but it does feel short} and brightening up my face with a brand spanking new lippy!

In April of this year I was rooting around Tim’s make~up bag looking for something to brighten up my tired face and happened upon her Nars lip pencil. Having not worn lipstick since I was 15 I loved the fact that this pencil could so easily be applied. WELL! Everything changed from the moment I crayonned on my lips.  I’d avoided lipstick for some many years, preferring instead to play up my cheeks for colour, as I thought it made my teeth look wonky and didn’t suit my skin tone but I was now loving this thing we called lipstick! Perhaps the fact that I am now a big old ginger {as opposed to a dark brunetter} and am in the middle of Invisalign treatment ~ Bet you didn’t know that did you! ~ made me start to like the look of lipstick on me.  All summer I wore my birthday treats of the Mexican Rose Nars lip pencil and my GOSH lip pen in a pinky red but as winter came it was too bright and I wanted to head for a classic red.

What with there being so much choice to paint our lips in I reached out to the Twittersphere for help and had some great suggestions: Tom Ford Cherry Lush, MAC Ruby woo, Chanel Rouge Allure in Flamboyante. Another big problem I have with lipstick is that it dries your lips out and doesn’t seem to stay put for long.  Lorna from The ginger peardrop gave some great advice:

“Put balm (Vaseline) on, blot and allow to sink in. Line lips lightly too. Trick is once on don’t lick lips/beware oily food”

With the wonder balm Lucas paw paw under my belt and a dress rehearsal with a{nother} friends lipstick I plumped for Max Factor in Ruby Tuesday….I can’t wait for it’s first outing. Watch this space….

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November 2012



Kimono over here

While I’m still confirming, experimenting and finding out what I want as my winter look this year I think I’m now a little bit closer.  The last two days at work saw me don an almost 60’s sense of style.  A body con outfit underneath ~ short, fitted dress/jersey tight skirt and slimline accompaniments in black ~ with a loose jacket. I’m not a fan of the 60’s for fashion as I don’t think it suits my body type but that’s perhaps more in the summer when the legs need to be toned and have at least a smattering of colour.  A shade darker than see-through would suffice.  With opaque tights and a longline jacket though I feel really comfortable and love that I can pair all my new ankle boots with them.{one, two, three!}

{gifted vintage kimono, found black wool joomp, american apparel skirt, tights, gifted hudson booties, m&s brolly}

If, like Sister With Massive Laugh, you own a kimono or a sequinned jacket, a silk shawl, a feather embellished coat ~ GET WEARING IT! Don’t save things for best.  Clothes are meant to be worn and loved.  I saved this kimono for only special occasions and those occasions were New Years eve only. NO! We were both missing out and once I took her out and showed her the sights of shopping in down town Harare, sunbathing at the beach in Byron bay and braving the no. 87 bus to the centre of town we were both happy.

Wear your clothes and show them love…Do it.  Now.  Think about something in the back of your wardrobe that is ‘saved’ and wear it this week.


{a little light peer pressure never hurt no one}

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